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She’s, a Very Freaky Girl

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    She’s, a Very Freaky Girl

    Hi to everyone,
    has anyone had the pleasure of growing “ The Freakshow” ? Started this grow late April ( approximately 12weeks ago ) looking really good and smelly. Wondering when
    i should start thinking about harvest time. AWESOME looking strain, wish I would have started a few clones. Any input is welcome.


    Dammit. Another brainworm.

    Sharing. LOL
    Trying a Bruce Banner and an Alaska Thunderfuck this year outdoors in So Cal. ATF is marked with the orange bag in my pics.

    Fox Farms Happy Frog (5 cu ft each), in very sandy soil.
    Using molasses for the mycos
    Silica Blast
    and General Hydroponics Grow/Bloom

    Crushed up chewable Vit C tabs to kill the chloramines. 30 minutes to clean a 5 gallon pail fresh from the hose.


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      Thanks Floopydoop for the Sunday brainworm LOL i was about ready to Freakout beep beep

    Yes theres several threads on Freakshow here, I have seed ready to grow.


      Honestly that plant looks like it has at least a month to go. The buds look like they have barely formed. Unless that is part of the mutation (which if it is that sucks and has changed my mind about growing freakshow) then i'd say you got a long way to go. I dont see any orange pistils and def cant see the trichs, but with no red hairs i doubt your trichs are even cloudy at this point. Like i said, maybe that is part of the mutation, but that would be a very undesirable mutation for me.


        Look forward to September, unless there is early frost for harvest.
        Here's a Berryfreak F2


          Click image for larger version

Name:	purple.jpg
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          One of my Freaks has developed a dark purple stem and branches. None of the others has shown this trait. Interesting growing this strain. I didn't do any training at all and I kind of regret it now. They are just now beginning to show bud.


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