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What the heck is this???

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    What the heck is this???

    Scratching my head so I thought I'd ask my brain trust.
    Check out the photo of a leaf I plucked this morning.
    To me, this looks like one of three possibilities.
    1)potassium deficiency
    2) light burn - I'm not running hot LED's, other plants are unaffected. working LST keeping everyone around the same height.
    Having immediately screwed up by using Miracle Grow Potting 50/50 with coco I am trying to counter the nitrogen mess.
    So I'm wondering if this little lady is feeling too much, so...
    3) Nitrogen burn???

      • a 12x48x72 tent
      • Abriselux A1000 LED dimmable w/High PPFD 100watt
      • Four 5 gallon bags (two GrandDaddy Purple Fems, one Auto Amnesia Fem, and one Auto Gorilla Glue Fem)
      • One -7 gallon for my one Auto AK-47
      • The room is full but manageable.
      • One 6" exhaust fan up top.
      • One 6" fan on the floor interior.
      • Two small 3" clip-on fans.
      • A small 2300 c/f Mini Dehumidifier.
      • GrowAce 6" fan with a carbon filter.
    I use tap water that has been bubbled for 24 hours. And use a Vivosun pH & TDS meter sticks.
    General Hyros Up & Down. Botanicare's Cal-Mag used ONCE.

    Lights 12" to 18" on an 18/6 schedule, where after reading here I took the suggestion to switch them to a 6 pm to noon from a 6 am to midnight, less of a heat issue that way.
    Have added 2 - 8.5" reflector lamps and two BLUE 60W equivalent bulbs FOR VEG. I have been leaving the two blues on 24 hours a day but I think I will put them on the same 18/6 schedule.
    Soon, I'm thinking of switching them out to TWO 36w RED LED bulbs for bloom.

    Thanks as always for your time!
    Grow Big, Grow Home!!!

    Nutrient burn. A plant's natural defense is to send excess nutrients to the tips of certain leaves, sacrificially giving them up to save the rest of the plant. I have come to realize over the years that when feeding, less can be more. In cases where there are too many nutrients you can easily find yourself in a lockout situation. One thing I have seen here on GWE time and time again is that newer growers are always looking for deficiencies to explain plant problems rather than excess nutrients. Deficiencies tend to show themselves slowly whereas overfeeding issues can occur very rapidly. It's a shame you went the MG route with your soil but I have met many people who have completed grows with it.


      If it’s not PH issues/ root issues I would say to much nutrients.
      but with one picture of only a leaf is hard to diagnose.

      thumbs up for all the info you put in the thread. 👍🏻 Many people could learn from that…

      As much as you want it to be a light issue I don’t think it is..
      Maintaining the PH levels are a vital key
      Just because people are over 50 doesn’t mean they know everything.
      You can teach a old dog new tricks - But it will still think the old ways are the “best” lol


        Good info above javabob your post you said Botanicare Cal-Mag used once. I add cal-mag every feeding. And what plant is this happening on? Amnesia or GG. Some plants just dont like the same amount of nutes than others.
        Shappel S3000 3.5x6x6' ice hut
        Fusion Board LED Panel 480w
        3 Vivosun oscillating fans
        6" Fusion Breath, Fan/Filter
        4" Vivosun fan/filter
        Canna Coco/perlite
        General Hydroponics Flora Series
        Lost Coast Plant Therapy

        tent grow
        Outdoor grow
        Love Potion
        Sour Diesel


        • javabob
          javabob commented
          Editing a comment
          Thanks for the direction folks! The plant in question is an AF Granddaddy Purple.
          Today I will feed it plain water.
          My AK 47 & Gorilla Glue are forming colas and wondering how to proceed? If Cal-Mag/Recharge & Bloom can/should be given? Together, separate, etc.
          My Granddaddy's and amnesia seem to be just starting Flower stage so the same above question is pertinent to the situation.
          I am eternally grateful for this brain trust....You folks are the best!

          Just want to help the time out I will not make the same mistakes....just new ones!
          It is quite true that we indoor grow beginners probably try too hard when it comes to feeding, but my real problem is that crap soil that I thought would be so great for my 1st outing....WRONG!!!
          Last edited by javabob; 07-25-2021, 01:36 PM. Reason: Truth about beginners of indoor grows.

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