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Under or Overwatered?

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    Under or Overwatered?

    I can't figure out why she's drooping so much. Ph and nutes are good. I usually water every 3 days, unless the soil still feels wet. Then I wait until it's dry. Please help 🙏
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    Clearly overwatering…

    what about your drainage in the pots?? Does this happens just after you water ? Or 5 hours after you water ?
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      One thing I found is weighing the pots can help determine how "dry" the soil really is. At least for me, overwatering is very easy to do and weighing my pots helped me to manage that.

      And yes, it does looks like overwatering - drooping - heavy leaves, looks like it is drowning.


        I've found that when a plant is over watered the leaves droop like yours then when under watered the stem drops with the leaves, or you can touch the leaves if they're soft n full feeling they're over if thin n dry feeling they're under... hopefully all of our responses will get the girls back on track, good luck
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          Thanks for the helpful info! I'm gonna lay off the watering a bit, see if she comes back 😁

        • MeEasy
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          Should be fine and we've all done it watering is probably one of the hardest parts to get right, lifting the pots seems to be the best way, but with my back I just use my fingers and dig into the soil a little feeling the moisture

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