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    I've been using general hydroponics Flora gro, micro and bloom combo fertilizer. My plants look pretty good, lot of buds should I use the Cali magic in addition to reg feeding diet?

    Depends. Are you showing cal-mag deficiencies? Are you in coco? Do you use RO water? If the answer is yes to any of these then yes. If not then you should be fine but a little cal-mag never hurts.


      What would be evidence of deficiency?
      I'm growing in soil,.. ocean forest.
      What is RO water? Im using distilled water.


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        Distilled water is acidc, it has nothing in to measure PH with, one can add Epsom salts to it then you can PH it Distilled water gains CO2 which drives it acidic, the CO2 can be boiled off in about 20 minutes.
        RO water is Reverse Osmosis, many have these systems at home.


      RO-Reverse Osmosis filtered, or pure water. 0 ppm water. Distilled is closer to RO than bottled water so cal mag wouldnt hurt IMO however, soil should have micro-nutrients (as opposed to coco coir which has none) so you may be ok. Check the links to read up on deficiencies and other plant problems and if you see anything that looks familiar, you may have a deficiency. The caveat being that you pH is where it is supposed to be. If your ph is off, it wont matter how much cal mag you put in.


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