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    Showing my grow

    purple kush autoflower day 30 -happy frog soil with 2cups of bone meal mixed-water Ph 6-6.5 and 2.5ml real growers recharge every other watering- when they start to flower I will add FF big bloom first time using fox farm nutrients and I am dealing with high heat in the closet running out of
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    Go ahead sing to your plants there not going to think your a nutjob

    Grow in soil-fox farm ocean forest-happy frog
    Indoor Grow with 5gl cloth pots
    31/2x31/2 Home made grow box
    1-Mars hydro ts1000 and 1-ts600
    Humboldts nutrients + Blackstrap molasses
    secret base a & b
    cal mag
    golden tree
    flower stacker

    Very nice.
    Current grow:
    (2) OO Kush, (1) Northern Lights (1) Critical Poison
    Soil in 5 gallon pots. Indoors,
    410 watts draw COB lights tent is 32"x32"x65"


      They look quite healthy. Can you leave part of your box open to let cooler air in? I've had to put a tower fan in the barely open closet doors to push cooler air inside, sometimes pointed at a bottle of frozen water, sometimes oscillating. My house AC is set at 71, that bedroom and its attached bath both have HVAC vents but it still gets warm in the closet. I turn off the fan during lights out but leave the door slightly open until I get out of bed in the morning to access the closet environment. I use Recharge also.


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        I opened the front of the box and am leaving the door open and it seems to help.This is the first time using the recharge it seems to be working out well I have gone from seed to flower without any other nutrients but I will start a budbooster dering the flowering stage. I would say its good stuff

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