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    HELP! Buds have become husks

    I have a tent using root hydration with three plants. One of them has developed a condition where the growing buds have become husks and there is a fine yellowish powder on the leaves below each bud. The husk buds are showing on the other plants but no powder is evident. This is the first time using this system and I have been meticulous in the process. I'm using General Hydroponics nutes. I assume this crop is toast but what is it and how do I prevent it. I have been trying to successfully grow for over a year and have yet to obtain a single gram of cannabis.

    thats a male, males do not make buds


      Yes that’s a male and all that yellow powder is pollen. You won’t get any smoke from that plant. Chop it and clean your tent REALLY good, start over with some feminized seeds.
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      • Papagun
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        Will do. I suppose I should junk the other plants as well as this apparently has been going on for awhile. Funny, it didn't show any of the regular signs early on... or I didn't see them.

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        Should I wash the tent with anything special? Can pollen affect feminized seeds? as you can probably tell, I'm new at this.

      • homegrown
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        Yes pollen can affect Fem seeds..i would take Captains advise below..Wash with alcohol..Everything, container,fans,lights,wires,hangers..Fak i'd probably do it twice to make sure i didnt forget anything. LOL im pretty anal about my tent though. Nothing from outside goes in there and i dont take clones from other growers..yes im that picky haha. Outdoors, shits gonna happen, bugs, bugs and more bugs, pollen from neighbours plants, etc. I try and keep the tent a sterile as possible.

      Wash everything in ISO alcohol and you should be fine from pollen
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      • Papagun
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        No can do. The tent is located close to a pilot light. I don't want to take the risk. From all I've read, water will do. It apparently permanently keeps the pollen from being airborne.

      If you allow the other plants to grow for a few weeks they'll be loaded with free seeds.... I like free🥳 and you can smoke the buds they'll just be an average smoke though
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      • Papagun
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        I just received some feminized autoflower seeds which I'll try next. I have had some rather bad luck as I've been trying to grow for about 1-1/2 years. I received some seeds from a friend and planted six after germination. Result: 5 males and one mutant twisted weird thing that nobody could recognize. After a move to the mainland from Hawai'i, It took me two weeks to germinate some other seeds as a lot were "dead" for some reason. After about 8 plantings, I have had a total of 13 males in total.


      • MeEasy
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        Wow that sucks 😪 sounds like you need a new seed guy if you're interested I use a small co located here in the US I get fast friendly service, they take a bank card, $5 flat rate shipping, and no hidden fees. they have an app (not the best user friendly setup) to shop n pay then I get my seeds within a week of ordering. Alot of the people on here use another one called and everyone seems to like them I've checked out the site I just don't like the payment options. Then here's a list of more companies I just can't give an opinion on these I've never used any of them..... good luck
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      • Papagun
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        Thanks gang. I'll figure something out... hopefully something that won't cause an explosion, which I am thoroughly convinced would be a bad thing.

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