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    COCO COIR Test help

    I need some advice never used this forum so I want to see how it works

    Welcome to GWE forum @Waynedsjourdy. You will find there are many very experienced growers here who will be willing to help with most any question about cannabis. First and foremost, help us help you when you post by providing all your grow specs like I have below. This is done in the signature function on your account page. Pictures really help when you have a specific question or if you just want to show off a little with something cool. It's all good, have fun with it and figure the next grow will be even better due to what you learn. Happy Growing !
    Grow # 3 50/50 S/I Critical Mass photo fem
    Seeds drop in water 1/8/2022

    Medium: FF Coco Loco plus 30% Perlite in 7 gal cloth bags
    Space: 30x48x62 DIY cabinet lined w/space blankets
    Lighting: Bloomspect SS1000 Quantum board x 3 - 300 watts actual draw
    Soil Supplements: Worm Castings, Crab Shell, Oyster Shell, Neem and Karanja Meal, Volcanic Basalt Dust (for minerals), Recharge root micros. Grow 3 is with reconstituted super soil to which I've added several additional minerals and supplements. A more complete list based on Cackamas Coots super soil recipe can be found in my Auto Toka thread
    i don't grow plants anymore, I grow soil that my plants can thrive in!
    My filtered tap water runs over 7.5 pH but the soil microbes
    make pH correction unnecessary
    Ventilation: Vipospar 4" Exhaust Fan w/RH controller, 12" Carbon Scrubber
    8" bottom intake fan, 6" clip on fan, 6" heater as needed
    Cabinet on screen porch. N AZ @ 4000 ft.

    My salute to all who have served
    Semper Fidelis!


      Welcome. There's probably no better place to ask Cannabis-related questions. I have found most to be transient. They get what they need and move along. I suspect it's the lingering stigma. There is a pretty dedicated "crew" that lend their expertise. Myself, I'm on my 6th grow and VERY thankful for the help.

      The only thing I think we can all agree on is we don't particularly care for"askholes" can ascertain the meaning by the context. Good luck and HAPPY GROWING!
      A his own mind - , 48" X 60" X 80" 2-in-1 Grow Tent, Flower light: Vivaspectra P2500 LED. Veg light: Mars Hydro TS600 & Mars Hydro TS1000 LED lights. Nutrients: GH Flora Trio/Calmag coco/perlite, pure lemon juice for late flower


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