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Need help to identify a bug

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    HELP! Need help to identify a bug

    I'm hoping someone can help me identify this bug I found it looks like a grass hopper but maybe not I killed the one I found but I have never seen it or any more for one week now. I just want to make sure a problem is not brewing.


    2 more photos.


    • In4alook2
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      See if you can find a young Praying mantis to put on your plants. They will eat any they encounter and leave the plant alone.

    I'm not 100% but looks like a lacewing if I'm right they're good guys to have they're nickname is the aphid wolf

    Edit = I looked at it again and kinda looks like a young grasshopper, if that's right they're bad guys
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      • MeEasy
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        Thanks for clearing that up.... at first glance I thought it was a good guy

      Yes that photo you posted of that leafhopper is it because I recognized the red color the one on my plant was a younger one and the red was very faint so now I have to find out was this a one off or are there more breading.

      Thanks for your fast response really appreciate all the help.



      • DeadlyFruit
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        I get leafhoppers as well. There are a lot of types with different colouring. I never get very many at once but they can damage your leaves if you let them. Since I don’t get many I find it easiest just to walk around the plants every day or two and squish them as I see them. You will usually see them on the tops of leaves unless you scare them. They can be fast but if you come at the leaf slowly from lower down and then quickly but gently pinch the leaf from top and bottom you often get them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than 4 or 5 max at one time spread around my four plants. Usually there is just one at a time this year and not always even one.

      There's more


        Yes theres more, first thing in the morning they are still not fully awake, which means you can squash more of them. As said they will be on top of the leaves early in the morn. Yes I get them also,


          Well it's good to know that they don't lay a 100 eggs a day or something like that I will make sure to check first thing in the morning.

          Great info


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