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Why is my Amnesia Haze AF growing pistils again?

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    SOIL Why is my Amnesia Haze AF growing pistils again?

    So this is post here at GWE and I’m so thrilled to be part of the community. I’m a newbie (< 10 grows) and have been fairly successful considering GWE has been my go to place for info. Thank you for this generous reference Nebula and Sirius. So, why is my Amnesia Haze AF growing pistils again during the 7th week of flowering? The trichomes are starting to further develop into opaque stalks and aren’t really close to amber yet. I could pull it down now but anyone have thoughts on what causes this and if it has any effect on the final product? I did a flush about 2 weeks ago intending on harvesting in the next few weeks. The pic in the lower-left is doing tricks with the new pistils, little springs!

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    7th week seems a little early to harvest, I’d honestly wait another 2-3 weeks before chop at least.

    Everything looks to be normal by the photo’s, most plants produce pistols through-out flower, most of them will brown off in the next couple weeks.
    If it starts “fox tailing” it can create more at the tips (she’s looking fine as hell by the way! Great job)


      You've got time, and some nice looking bud growing.


        What you're seeing is what I call 'the final push'. Just your girls looking for boys. I've found that when a flower looks finished and then starts popping fresh pistils it's the plant's final attempt to leave the world with babies and usually indicates that the plant will be done in 7-10 days. Great looking buds!
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          I agree with BU2B this also foxtails which i had from my last 2 AH they went 90days for just flowering stage not counting 6wks veg. So some strains are natural foxtailers an i do believe this is one of those strains, but a very very nice smoke. They are looking great, just another couple weeks or less.
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            GreenAlchemist; Thanks for the feedback and encouragement! I’ve just never had it to this extent before. Come to think of it last few grows of Amnesia Haze AF tended to keep popping like indeterminate cherry tomatoes.

            Thanks for all your feedback!


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