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    Some updates-

    CP#2 has maybe 2 weeks 1 month left
    CP#1 some how got super far behind CP #2- I bet since she was a runt at the beginning (she has def grown up)

    My Amnesia Haze sprout is doing well, broke soil the 17th. My Blueberry seed is another dud (4/5 seeds duds so far )
    my Northern Light will probably be moved to a solo cup by end of day and the AH#2 will probably be moved tomorrow

    This site really doesn't like my CP #2 pics, so link below

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20210722_091701.jpg
Views:	103
Size:	2.84 MB
ID:	526531

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20210722_091635.jpg
Views:	127
Size:	2.16 MB
ID:	526529

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20210722_091639.jpg
Views:	110
Size:	2.45 MB
ID:	526530


    Nova 48"x48"x80" tent
    Mother Earth Groundswell Soil
    Vivosun 4" Carbon Filter
    GH Flora Trio
    EnjoYield 1000W LED Grow Light 3x3ft with Timer Dimmable
    Current Grow: GC-Critical Purple Auto x2, ILGM- AH x2, NL x1


    • Puglover1
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      Hey Lily, did you see that I found Mag seeds for sale? Your plants look healthy! I know you didn't ask for my advice but they look leafy, some lower bud sites esp on #1 aren't getting as much light. Not trying to criticize, you know how to grow. #2 looks spread out and light is getting through better. They look like a month for chunky buds, esp #1, you should have a nice yield. I have photo seeds in starters, I need to get some clear cups and a mild soil mix ready for them soon. I might make a dispo run, South Beach bud is $10 off/1/8th and high % THC, they have Face Mints 1/8ths and a preroll of a strain I saw someone mention on here, high % sativa, good for pain. I'd like to get more South Beach but Face Mints was really good too. Decisions, decisions, before a possible drive of shame tomorrow.

    • panalilies
      panalilies commented
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      I know you found a Mag seed, but where are they on sale at??? Yeah, #1 has a lot more dense spaces than #2 since #2 grew in a weird way. Im kinda hesitant to snip a whole bunch of leaves incase #1 starts to slow down growth even more (they take 70-80 days and #1 hits 70 on the 25th). Im trying really hard not to go to the dispo, but my BF has started smoking my bud with me to save himself some cash, so Ive run out a lot sooner and faster than I planned to. Hopefully #2 will be ready soon and #1 not long after that. The lights I have are like 14% off right now so I just installed a 3rd light this morning, trying to reach the lower buds sticking out n CP #2

    • Puglover1
      Puglover1 commented
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