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Week 3 Help please!

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    Week 3 Help please!

    Hello everyone!

    I’m a new grower currently growing in my closet while I get my tent setup in the interim. I had it setup, but discovered its way too hot in there.

    Currently at week 3 (week 2 veg) at the moment and I’m starting to see discoloration on leaves. New growth seems to be way lighter than the rest of the plant as well. Discoloration started at the tips about two days ago, but was very light. I thought it was the light being too close as I had it at about 12” above the plant or because I topped it. I raised the light about 4” to be on the safe side though. I didn’t see anymore yellowing yesterday so thought all good and could move forward with nutrient feeding schedule.

    I just started feeding her some “Grow Big” from the FoxFarm trio. Per the feeding schedule, I’m giving her 6 tsp of “big bloom” plus 2 tsp of “grow big” per gallon of RO water. Then I add about 3ml of calimag per gallon. PPM was at about 250 and ph was 6.2. I’m using FoxFarm Happy Frog soil with about 40% perlite.

    Temp stays at about 77 with light on and about 72 with light off. RH honestly fluctuates. I try to stay on top of the humidifier to keep the RH around 60%, but it’ll drop to about 40% if it runs out of water. Happens for a couple hours each day while I’m at work.

    I have a Gixxer 1000W LED light that I have about 16 inches about it.

    I’m afraid I might have overdid it with the nutrients. I have plenty of seeds to keep trying if need be. I just want to figure out what I’m doing wrong so I can prevent it from happening again.

    I provided some pictures to hopefully give some more info on the situation.
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    Your girl is looking fine but in my opinion you should chill on the nutrients and get her into a larger container. Honestly, young plants like this just do not need nutrients until they have established a good root system and begin to fill out. Right now all your plant needs is light and water.


    • Disturbed302
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      Thanks so much for the response. I was wondering if I should transplant, but was thinking of waiting until the end of the week. I got a 1 gallon smart pot to transfer her into, but I did just water yesterday. Would that pose more problems if I transplant and then have to water again? I would hate to overwater after giving too much nutrients. I’m just going to cut the nutrients out until she gets a bit bigger. I’m using RO water though so should I continue with the cal mag?

    What I do is prepare my new container the day before by watering it thoroughly and letting it drain overnight. A well moistened root ball will hold together better than a dry one. Why are you only going to a 1 gallon pot? If your plant is an auto I would suggest at least 3 gallons and 5 gallons for a photo.


    • Disturbed302
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      I had read online that you’re supposed to transplant a couple times and to start off small. Mine isn’t a auto, but if you think I need a bigger pot, I don’t mind picking up some more. I do have some extra 2 gallon pots I could use as well. Do you think that would work?

    • RetiredGuy
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      I have seen multiple transplanting recommended several places as well. It seems like extra work to me. I transplanted my autos directly from solo cups (plants were smaller than yours) to 3 gal fabric pots and the grow went well. I entirely agree with the above recommendation..

    I agree with the others. I think the fewer transplants the better. Each time you transplant you run the risk of shocking the plant. Disturbing roots is risky business. I germinate in one of those spongy starter things, move it to a pint size solo cup with many holes in the bottom when it looks like it has a solid start, and then to the full size pot when the leaves are reaching the edge of the cup. If I am growing indoors an 8 gallon cloth pot I think. If it is an outdoor grow I used to go directly from cup to my 30 gallon pot outside but this year I am going to keep them under the lights a little longer in 7 gallon air-pots before moving them into the outdoor cloth pots. Transplanting from a cloth pot is difficult and I figure with the air-pot I can just unwrap it and drop it into the hole in the cloth pot.

    I also agree you need to use a bigger pot than one gallon, unless perhaps if you are trying for a SoG or a stealth grow.


      Yep solo cup to final and transplant as soon after the leaves reach the edge of the cup as you can, they will usually start to get a little root bound after that, mine have fortunately always taken right off after transplanting.
      Happy farming!
      2X4X6 Quictent
      1.5x3x5 Gorilla tent
      600w LED (80)
      1000w LED (180)
      2 X Viparspectra P-1000
      2 X 4" fan with carbon filter ducted to unused boiler chimney
      6" battery/usb fans
      Mother Earth 70/30 coco/perlite
      GH trio with Calimagic
      Lung room humidifier
      3 and 5 gal plastic buckets Nebulas coco for autos nute schedule.
      ArmorSi, kelp when needed
      Running at pH 6.0

      Grow 3
      Northern Lights auto
      auto 00 Kush

      Grow 4 8/23
      2x Northern lights auto
      1 auto 00 Kush
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