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    For the connoisseurs out there

    9fingerleafs posted how he cures a while back and I been doing some experimenting with curing on a smaller scale 😉 After 3 successful attempts, no mold and the smoothest bud I’ve ever smoked, I feel safe sharing. Give it a try your next harvest for top shelf bud. Your homegrown will smell danker, have a much better flavor profile and be way smooth.

    Take enough stems to fill a big mason jar, only remove the big sucker leaves then hang them up to dry. Once the leaves are nice and dry put them into a big mason jar (stems and all) with a big Boveda 62 pack. Close the lid, put the jar somewhere dark & cool then in 3 months try it.

    Only issue, it’s a pain in the ass to trim so I do it 8-10g at a time usually. The leaves will be super tight and the bud super sticky underneath but it’s worth it.

    Also, anyone who’s wondering about long term storage and having your weed still be viable, here you go. I have one jar over 6 months old now and it’s just as fresh as the day I put it in there.
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    Have you looked into the CannaBrush? Works great for dry trimming individual buds or buds on the stem faster than trimming shears, at least for me it does. May be something to look into if you do a lot of dry trimming. A bowl trimmer works too, but I feel like I lose a lot of trichomes when I use it.


    • dphipps1020
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      Yeah I think you may have been the one to suggest it to me a while back. My bowl trimmer is in storage right now, I haven't really had a lot of buds lately that I can use it on. Lots of popcorn buds to slip through the cracks and into the trim, mostly because I rushed the last few plants. Next ones I may get the bowl trimmer out, got quite a bit coming up. I'm guessing close to 2 pounds total within the next 4-6 weeks. Will be having to move them to a different house though, that should be fun.

    • grouchyoldman
      grouchyoldman commented
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      Hi dphipps1020, I have a CannaBrush too and am really impressed, I actually enjoy the trim jail now since it mostly involves lightly brushing the sugar leaves and watching them snap off and fall into the trim bin. I pick up the nippers just to get a pesty little stem or two. The CannaBrush complaints I've read seem to be from folks who try to use the brush on buds that aren't fully dried.

    • bboyfromwayback
      bboyfromwayback commented
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      CannaBrush is the berries on some dense dry bud. I don’t think I could use it on these buds though, they’re dry but too sticky. I believe the leaf matter would just get glued to them. Sticky icky

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