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Should I give these nutrients?

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    HELP! Should I give these nutrients?

    These have been in their pots now for about 3 weeks and I have figured the soul in them is probably emptied of nutrients. I had issues with these for a few weeks due to high PH. But now I have been giving them 6.3 ph water and they are starting to show 0 to no growth. I figure they may need nutrients now. Should I go ahead and give them their fluratrio and calmag nutrients? This is the start of their 6th week today, and they are very behind. These are bubblegum strain

    They're stunted because they're not getting enough water, at least that's what it looks like to me. Droopy leaves and the soil looks really dry. It's time to start watering the whole pot every few days with a couple days to dry in between.


      Agree with dphipps1020, they look thirsty. Like mentioned, water all of the soil when watering. This way they can spread their roots and know how big their home is. Give them some juice too. Start with 1/4 strength and see how they react.
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        I appreciate this alot. I was wondering if they were dry. I thought I was overwatering. I usually give them 24 hours and barely give them much

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