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It's day 14 for my autos, should I think about LST soon?

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  • SoOrbudgal
    Yes sir SleepyTibbs go ahead and LST those healthy ones. Just anchor the bottom to the soil as to when you bend over top she won't move in the soil. Water before or after doing it. Take some deep breaths weed hopper you can do it.

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  • It's day 14 for my autos, should I think about LST soon?

    My setup is as follows:
    • Vivosun 2'x4'x5' growtent
    • Vivosun 4" inline fan system with carbon filter
    • 2 Viparspectra P1000 LED lights 2' above plants
    • 7" 3 speed fan for circulation
    • Vivosun 3gal fabric pots
    • Fox Farm Happy Frog potting soil
    I have 3 gorilla glue autos growing right now. Two of them are growing pretty well and are on day 14, the one on the left is at day 15 but unfortunately is doing very poorly right now, which I cant seem to figure out as they are all under the same conditions. The reason I am posting though is to ask about LST for the 2 that are doing well. I have read that for autos it is a good idea to start LST right around week 3 so I was hoping for some input before getting to that point. Currently the lights are 24" above the canopy at 100% intenstity. I only have 10.5" of height above the lights to work with for raising them, so the plants can only grow about 12"-14" taller before height becomes an issue. I am completely new to growing anything so the idea of bending it a little and tying it to the edge of the pot is a bit frightening. With the plants entering their 2nd week I was also wondering if it might be a good time to start adding nutrients to the water, like Fox farm's Grow Big or something. Thanks in advance, this is a very helpful community and I appreciate all of you who take the time to answer questions.

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