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    Happy 4/20 everyone! So I just saw some awesome news that makes this my best 4/20 ever! Seedsman was having a contest for today. The details, 50 winners get 500 free seeds. I never win any contests, but I figured I'd enter anyway. The old lottery saying, "you can't win if you don't play". So I entered just to see what would happen. I've been anxious about the winning results all day today, even at work. I didn't watch the whole live feed, but I went to the site to see the winner list and about 20-25 names down I saw David P! I looked at the picture to make sure, and yep it's me and my dog. Pretty excited about it honestly, now I'll have a lot of autoflowers to grow outside this summer once I have a fence up. Anyone else here enter and win? Hope you all are having a great 4/20 so far!
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    Congratulations buddy, I would be pretty damn happy with free seeds as well. Happy 4/20
    3rd indoor grow in 15 years.

    2 x Wedding Cake(New420guy)
    2 x Grandoggy Jones(Connoisseur Genetics)
    6ft x 6ft BudBox Pro White
    4 x 37litre(10 Gallon) Bucket Company pots
    Professor's Nutrients 70% Coco 30% Perlite
    3 x ES 300's (2 x V2, 1 x V3)
    Professor's Nutrients feeding program(slightly modified)
    ISO-Max 200 exhaust fan with filter


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      Thank you. I really wasn't expecting to see my name there! 😂 You know what this means right? A whole lot of bud porn coming up for you all!

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