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  • Storing seeds

    i just saw a post on here about storing seeds in a freezer and it got me wondering if anyone else has done this?

    On that note what are some other ways people store seeds?

    i would love to be able to stockpile seeds. Now I just order a batch every time I need some and its kind of a pain in the butt.

    Thanks guys

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    My understanding is for long term storage seeds are best kept at 35F-41F (2C-5C) so fridge temperature. Some seeds will remain viable for 5 years or more. Seeds a year old or older often take longer to sprout and have a lower germination rate.

    I've never tried it though.
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      I had some seeds stored in just a pill bottle and put up in a bag with all of my other cannabis related things, and I had a couple seeds that I had had since I was in my teens, and I decided to try and germinate them to see if they were still okay.. put them in a glass of water for 24 hours, transferred them to a paper towel and the germinated just fine! I guess it just depends on the germinating conditions, and the storing conditions of the seed.. it makes sense to store them in about fridge weather though, isn't that how all the seeds are stored in that giant seed vault? Lol juuuuust incase something happens to the earth.. 😅😅
      anyways, just an opinion, and a very cool question!


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        Thanks for the input guys. Very helpful. :-)


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