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Are these what I think they are?

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    Are these what I think they are?

    On walk about the farm I find these hanging in the trees all over the place.
    All y'all tell me, are they what I think they are?

    Cocoon? Maybe ?
    Just because people are over 50 doesn’t mean they know everything.
    You can teach a old dog new tricks - But it will still think the old ways are the “best” lol


      Well yes they are cocoons, but what bug?


        A big ass giant moth ?😆.
        Just because people are over 50 doesn’t mean they know everything.
        You can teach a old dog new tricks - But it will still think the old ways are the “best” lol


          If I were you I'd start running now.
          Learned a lot this year. pH and whiteflies are issues that need controlling. Maybe an auto over January.....hmmmm...


            Definitely Ceti Eels. I'd wear ear protection and maybe a nose clip when removing them.


            • TOKABIGONE
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              Where the hell is Admiral Kirk when you need him!?

            How interesting if you decide to remove it please take photo of it closer and Thank You for posting this
            Smoke Ganja create Peace Respect Nature don't trash the Planet

            Soil grower with coco/perlite mixed in
            indoor/outdoor grower
            1 36"x36"x66" tent- Viparspectra P2500
            1 3x3x6 tent- used in late spring for seedlings both veggies & weed. I have 2 viparspectar 450r for that tent.
            I use a t-5 & 54watt CFL for seedlings
            Sometimes i use plastic sometimes i use fabric grow containers
            Currently using fish/guano during veg growth & FF Grow Big 6-4-4 teens to bloom. Once i see pre-flower i switch to
            Age Old Organics Bloom 5-10-5


              Some things in nature just look "leave me alone".
              2X4X6 Quictent
              1.5x3x5 Gorilla tent
              600w LED (80)
              1000w LED (180)
              2 X Viparspectra P-1000
              2 X 4" fan with carbon filter ducted to unused boiler chimney
              6" battery/usb fans
              Mother Earth 70/30 coco/perlite
              GH trio with Calimagic
              Lung room humidifier
              3 and 5 gal plastic buckets Nebulas coco for autos nute schedule.
              ArmorSi, kelp when needed
              Running at pH 6.0

              Grow 3
              Northern Lights auto
              auto 00 Kush

              Grow 4 8/23
              2x Northern lights auto
              1 auto 00 Kush
              1 Critical photo

              Don't just "grow weed",
              Cultivate a masterpiece.


                Don't touch them, they could be alien body snatchers! (sorry, just saw that rerun on tv) You could try to smoke one...they look nicely rolled. I think some kind of moth cocoon which reminded me that the last 2 nights at lights on I inspected my ladies just at lights on at 9pm. Both times as I started to close up I saw a tiny white moth flitting around in my cabinet. I tried to swat it but it has so far eluded me. My great fear is getting a caterpillar infestation at 7 weeks in. Tonight I will tear the cab apart to find it. If it has already laid eggs I'm screwed.
                Grow # 3 50/50 S/I Critical Mass photo fem
                Seeds drop in water 1/8/2022

                Medium: FF Coco Loco plus 30% Perlite in 7 gal cloth bags
                Space: 30x48x62 DIY cabinet lined w/space blankets
                Lighting: Bloomspect SS1000 Quantum board x 3 - 300 watts actual draw
                Soil Supplements: Worm Castings, Crab Shell, Oyster Shell, Neem and Karanja Meal, Volcanic Basalt Dust (for minerals), Recharge root micros. Grow 3 is with reconstituted super soil to which I've added several additional minerals and supplements. A more complete list based on Cackamas Coots super soil recipe can be found in my Auto Toka thread
                i don't grow plants anymore, I grow soil that my plants can thrive in!
                My filtered tap water runs over 7.5 pH but the soil microbes
                make pH correction unnecessary
                Ventilation: Vipospar 4" Exhaust Fan w/RH controller, 12" Carbon Scrubber
                8" bottom intake fan, 6" clip on fan, 6" heater as needed
                Cabinet on screen porch. N AZ @ 4000 ft.

                My salute to all who have served
                Semper Fidelis!


                They are used covid masks caught in the tree. From over the winter......just kidding. I think CaptainWiese91 was correct. Best I can find is a big ass moth. The Promethea Moth. My guess is this or something similar to this.
                I like to take a moment here and there to share with you some of the critters that make Devil's Lake State Park their home. While out snowshoeing (And enjoying
                Past Grows: Jack 47 Auto - La Bella Afrodita - Black Cream and Cheese Autos
                I like weed and science.


                • SoOrbudgal
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                  Well i think they are special

                • Bowhunterwoody
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                  Yep. They are pretty big too. Found a dead one at the cabin that was over 6" across. Beautiful too.

                • JeffInCanada
                  JeffInCanada commented
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                  I'm with SoOrbudgal and JohnEmad if they are not going to cause you any trouble, let them be...they are almost at their flowering stage At the same time, if you are worried about them causing you issues with outdoor grows I'd understand spraying them.

                JeffInCanada Thanx, I'll mix the spray as these are not near a garden! I need to spray for tent caterpillars anyway.


                • JohnEmad
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                  Why spray them? Are they a big threat to...? I would be happy to see them up close when they are fully formed in all their splendour.

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