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    SOIL Wedding cake S1

    Wassup forum ima keep this question as short as possible .. this is my 2nd grow the first one was not that successful due to lack of knowledge and I was overwatering them that they locked out and never really bulked up in flower and the yield sucked. This grow has been going kinda good after fixing a couple issues and my question is will the lower part of the plant bulk up ?? It’s day 25 of flower and the top pieces of the colas are really coming in nice with a lot of resin but if you see right below to top piece of the cola there are smaller nodes not all the way at the bottom but if you follow the stem down it’s smaller nodes .. will those end up bulking with time ?? I’ve seen grows where they end up with thick ass colas from top to bottom I was wondering if these will get like that ?? Any comments would help .. or maybe I’m worrying too much lol ..

    FFOF soil
    PH 6.4
    PPM 350 I plan on adding more nutes next feed
    marshydro tsl2000 at 75% intensity .. I’m slowly adding power because they somewhat did not like the intensity at first but now seems like they love it !
    3 and 5 gallon fabric pot
    77 temp 73 lights off
    56 humidity
    Wedding cake S1 seedsman
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    Hopefully you guys understand what I’m trying to say lol


    • SoOrbudgal
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      Yep i understand. It's my first grow of the strain wedding cake. So all i can say is my buds are not that big they are frosty as heck and 55days into flowering. My nodes are stacked very little separation between nodes not like yours. Yes my lower buds are tiny don't think i'm gonna get much off those but i leave them. I did not lollipop the lower half maybe i needed too to increase upper buds? It helps to know others who have grown this strain kinda get a idea.....thanks crucialbunny. And mine is green strain like yours, I've recently seen on here a post of our strain and it looks like my GG#4 all colors of fall leaf.

    Wedding Cake isn't really known for producing big colas. They do develop good sized very sticky buds, especially at the top of the plant. Growing strains such as Big Bud or Super Glue will give you the large long colas you're looking for. Training and trimming your Wedding cake to expose those lower bud sites will help to increase bud size dramatically. I grew 3 wedding cake clones outdoors last season in 3 gallon containers and I managed a decent yield. So far they're looking good and will surely fill out as it matures. Mine seemed to really benefit from added magnesium during flower and bud. Patience will pay off down the road.


      Thanks brother I appreciate the feedback 🙏


        It’s a common thing with that Mars hydro and the intensive light they produce for the plants. Everyone is running on lower intensity than full maximum.

        As for the buds, give them time. What I have experienced is if they receive light from the start of the flowering phase, they can get quite big or rock hard nuggets. But they need the light from the start. So if it’s possible open up for them so they receive enough amount of light.
        Just because people are over 50 doesn’t mean they know everything.
        You can teach a old dog new tricks - But it will still think the old ways are the “best” lol


          just just chopped a wedding cake in december. did some training. was super happy got just over 4oz off her. 4x4 tent mars ts3000 full power
          If you get confused....listen to the music play


          • Tackitor
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            Oh my it looked great hopefully mine bulk up like that !

          • Dieselgrower
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            i would deff grow it again

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