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What to buy to cleanse my body of marijuana ?

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    What to buy to cleanse my body of marijuana ?

    Some detox drinks don't work because marijuana takes a long time to leave the system. I've read diff articles via the net and even tried some of them, but don't actually know what is worthy. Here I read that "Like any other form of detoxifying, marijuana detox is pure bullshit. Those "detox" drinks don't flush anything from your system but water. They just use diuretics to dilute the urine so there's less THC in any given volume while adding electrolytes and color to try to disguise the fact that you've purposely diluted your urine. " Don't know now what to consider....

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    Must be looking at the test here. Flushing works only to dilute the urine for the test, dont use the first or last part of the steam, only the middle. Vitamin B gives colour, they do watch for the colour and will fail you for diluting. Also no red meat, until just before the test. As far as getting truly clean, at least 90 days, and the more body fat the longer it takes. Lots of info just use a search engine and read, flushing is not easy but it can get you a clean test.


      Don't waste your money on any of that BS. Totally useless. You can dilute your urine by drinking copious amounts of water, in theory lowering the concentration of 9-THC-COOH and hopefully dilute the urine to below the cut-off threshold, but will do nothing else. BTW they are on to this trick by checking specific gravity and color. They also check temperature so substitution is usually detectable unless you want to get really creative. Do you know what the cut off threshold levels are for your test? The best thing you can do is stop consuming. Stay hydrated. Let metabolism work it out. THC is highly fat soluble, but to remove it from the body it needs to be metabolized to 9-THC-COOH becoming more water soluble and eliminated in the urine. This process takes time. Ironically eating a healthy diet and exercising will increase the levels detected in urine due to your body burning fat and therefore mobilizing stored THC. Conversely, eating a high fat diet and becoming a couch potato will tend to decrease levels. 90 days is what is usually quoted for a heavy user to clear their urine, but say for someone who consumes what they grow very frequently it can be much longer. You can purchase home detection cards on the net for a reasonable price and test yourself before going for a test. That way you know where you are for your levels and if needed try and delay the test. You can get them at local pharmacy but they are way over priced there.


      For reasonably priced test kits and more detailed information about testing, metabolites, and cut-off levels. I have used these kits and know they are reliable. Look around the site for detailed information on testing. The site isn't the best, but much good information, just keep looking.

      If you are stuck and want to go full on hard core. Find someone with clean urine (same gender and pregnancy status if female), use a catheter to transfer their urine into your bladder, then go take your test. If you do this find someone with a medical background to help you do it right with out hurting yourself or causing an infection. Doing this is a medical procedure that should be taken seriously.
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      Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


        Just use another ones piss?
        I had a “fake penis with a tank of another piss” in my pant and stuck the fake penis out and squeezed it. I had the tank in the pants hours before the test so it was 37 Celsius, body warm pis. And I got my license 🤣👍🏻
        Just because people are over 50 doesn’t mean they know everything.
        You can teach a old dog new tricks - But it will still think the old ways are the “best” lol


        • Rwise
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          Ya that can work, but just make sure its not bigger than reality, this got someone caught using the fake,

        • CaptainWiese91
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          I worked fine with my doctor. But yea of course it can happen. The best part is using a another’s piss, and not the fake piss, they can tell if it’s not real urine.

        They do sell fake urine at most head shops. Just throwing that out there.
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          this might help it is peer reviewed and based on fact
          I hope there is an afterlife...there are a lot of friends and family I'd like to see again, one day.


            Why would you want to do any of that cleansing your body of cannabis, stuff? What is the context?


            • cybersmib
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              Really all the time and effort to put it it there and now they are talking about flushing it out I can save them a lot of time, money and effort..

            Every stoner who might ever need to pass a urine test for whatever reason (especially the possibility of a random drug test at work) should own a vial of fake urine, ready at a moment’s notice. And all male stoners should own one of those fake penises. They’re pricy but worth having. Just a public service reminder!



            • PLreef
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              This post makes me greatful to be a self employed contractor.

            • Rwise
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              The fake stuff is not legal here in OK. I bought some fake urine off epay, they shipped it before epay canceled the order. I never used it and sold it for more than I paid.

            The only sure fire purchase is to buy time.


            • Ckbrew
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