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    Ready to flip?

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ID:	494951 Hi all! Second grow, first with photos. For these ladies look like they’re ok to flip now? Click image for larger version

Name:	38D72195-788F-49EA-8AD0-574785AEB098.jpeg
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    Depends on how much height you got left for the stretch?
    you should be asking that question to yourself instead. Only you know, when you are ready
    Just because people are over 50 doesn’t mean they know everything.
    You can teach a old dog new tricks - But it will still think the old ways are the “best” lol


      Assuming they are from seeds not cuttings then if you switch to 12/12 too early then they will just continue to veg until the first point that they are ready to flower. They will lose some light and that could mean they will come out of veg marginally smaller than if you absolutely nailed the timing but it is not really significant if you are there or thereabouts anyway. Assuming you are vegging them under a light powerful enough to flower them (which it looks like) immature plants will easily take on enough light during a 12 hour period to veg effectively. I have grown from seed under 12/12 before and they just flower at the point that they are ready, it's not as efficient for the reasons given but before autos came about I did it so I could have vegging and flowering plants in a single chamber. They'll roughly double in height/diameter so if you have the space then you might as well use it... even accounting for the extra ttime spent, having bigger plants at the end of veg is an easy way to get a better yield if you have the room.


        Doesn't look like you.have a lot of height to your lights. If it was me ID FLIP


          Man that light looks close but maybe it's the photo angle? Anyhow, best of luck we'll be watching.


            Click image for larger version

Name:	E74C1175-2611-492D-B993-65A45EB5079A.jpeg
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ID:	495084 Hi guys. Thanks for the feedback! I’m learning erry day! I have a Lux meter and am keeping them btwn 65k-85k since I did switch to 12/12 last night. The light is great, very little heat and even distribution. My first grow with it went well with those parameters and so far so good.

            I think I am handle them at least doubling in height before I’d have to move the exhaust fans. Just wasn’t sure if it was too strsssful for the plants but then I read last night that some ppl seed under flowering conditions for small, quick plants, and as mentioned above they won’t bud until they’re ready

            fun fun stuff!


              If you're just growing two in there I'd wait for sure. You have a lot of space. I'd keep vegging as horizontally as possible until you fill out the net then let them grow up from there in flowering.


              • kingfish
                kingfish commented
                Editing a comment
                My thoughts exactly. I would let them veg some more.

              Just keep in mind that a lux meter may not be very useful for LED lights.

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