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Plant issue I need help :(

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    HELP! Plant issue I need help :(

    Wassup forum .. so both of these are wedding cake S1 from seeds man and they are currently day 8 of flower and I made a post a week ago because the lighter color plant was getting spots on the leaves and it was light green so I’ve only fed PH water but it’s little improvement. My concern now is that it’s growing small and somewhat twisted new growth and the green color is not coming back and idk what to do .. I kinda don’t want to flush these because I’ve heard it’s bad to flush during flower and I don’t want to mix a lot of nutes because it might lockout. What can I do ? Perhaps is it rootbound ?? PH issue ?? Light stress ?? Or it needs bloom nutes ?? Deficiency maybe ?? Last feeding was a week ago with floragro and cal mag but since then I’ve only gave ph water.

    FFOF soil
    3 gallon pots one fabric and the other plastic
    Day 8 flower
    mars hydro tsl2000 at 60% power and 29 inches away
    flora trio nutes.
    PH run off 6.3
    79 degrees and 45 humidity
    2 oscillating fans and in-line fan
    takes about 3-4 days to dry
    been feeding when pots get light

    if you gave them some calcium they could easily process more nitrogen. I give plants nitrogen well into flower. Nitrogen is only going to keep them strong and healthy.


      what is the ppm and ph of the run off not giving enough water for a 20 percent run off will cause the ec/ppm and ph to raise into the 2 or 3 thousands . the only other thing I dont see are plant risers and that will cause the same thing because the run off gets sucked back into the roots It doesn't mater what you use but get the pots up of the bottom of the tray , it really has never bothered me to flush the plants in bloom ,if you look back in time to show your grow you will see 4 out of 8 plants that are very brown and sickly that happened because I didnt flush enough in bloom
      new grow room built summer of 2017 ,argo max tent for veging ,big kahuna reflector, 1000hps with added leds for the full spectrum . 15th indoor grow ,5 years outside gorilla grows(stealth is the key),veg under t5s growing autos under 300w leds
      current grow


      • Tackitor
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        The last watering the ppm was 850 and PH came out thing I did not check was the EC. I’ll check it next watering which should be tomorrow and update on the page. Some plant risers would not be a bad idea I’ll go pick some up today thank you for the help I appreciate it 🙏

      • oldjarhead100
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        when I water with soil I try and give just enough for 3 days watering soil before it dries out might cause the same issues ,bricks do a good job of plant risers but if you want plastic has the best prices I've seen

      Your lights seem to be turned down too low for the size of your plants.


      • Tackitor
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        For some reason These plants have been real sensitive to this new Mars hydro light .. earlier this week I increased the power to around 80 and in minutes when I checked them they were all slumped over and as soon as I dimmed the light back down they popped right back up. Even in the earlier stages I noticed they don’t like the high intensity it’s weird

      • RetiredGuy
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        I guess they aren’t too low! I am running a Mars Hydro SP3000. I am keeping it at 100%. At the recommended hanging light of 19.5 inches, the center plant was also too droopy. I am now at 22 inches and 100%. I probably should lower it and dim it a little to save power!

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