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Scott's Miracle-Gro on Cannabis Legalization

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    Scott's Miracle-Gro on Cannabis Legalization

    Forum has descended into name calling, so I'm out of here. Short visit back, but too much hate on the internet. So for all the bashing and hate, I thought I'd leave with this statement from Scotts Miracle-Gro. We can use more friends.
    2'x2'x5' Custom Breed & Seed Cabinet w/ 4 Roleadro flat-panel 75W lights
    2'x2'x5' Custom Seedling, Clone & Young Veg. Cabinet w/ CFL & flat panels
    2'x2'x5' Custom Veg. Cabinet with Vipar Spectra 450 Dimmable
    2'x4'X6' Custom Flowering Cabinet with 2 Vipar Spectra Dimmable Lights

    80% Perlite, 20% Peat Moss in 10- and 3- Gallon nursery pots, Fertigation method.

    For more information:

    Miracle Gro Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer (with micronutrients), 1 tsp./gallon as base nutrient, supplemented with standard Miracle Grow for high-nitrogen plants, and Miracle Gro Bloom Booster during Flower.

    Where is the name calling and hate on the forum? In the short time I’ve been here I have seen a few assholes but they were booted very fast.


    Agreed. Place is very welcoming.


      Did I miss something ?
      Light: Viparspectra P2000, Viparspectra P1500, Viparspectra XS2000, KingLed 1500
      Medium: organic, Fafard perlite, Fafard Urban Garden organic mix, Organic compost shrimps.
      Nutrients: Alaskan Fish, Advanced Nutrients Big Bud, Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth, Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mag Xtra
      Seeds: 9 GG#4 autos, 9 Amnesia Haze autos
      Grow room : 8X12X10, 2 industrial fans, 1 dehumidifier, 1 Vivosun carbon filter & controller
      And trying to grow Mexican landraces in the Yucatan. Well why not eh !!


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        If you did apparently I did too.

      • SoOrbudgal
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        Heck we are all trying to find out what said what to whom??

      • kingfish
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        OK, who hurt his feeling?

      I'm late from the party again...... What'd I miss?
      5x5 Gorilla tent
      Spectrum King SK402 - 2× Optic XL1
      Infinity T8 exhaust fan
      Technaflora nutes
      Nectar of the Gods soil


        Well this is not name calling
        Originally posted by quirk View Post
        BaccaRacca - Negative. That's bro science. Monsanto bought out General Hydroponics, They have nothing tp do with Fox Farms.

        Don't call me names just because I made a mistake.
        Negative means No and nothing more, this post simply disagreed with your post earlier. Get over it!


          Oh, Rwise you are a vicious one. Click image for larger version

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            PRIMO What can I say, I call 'em like I see 'em.


              Thin skin. This is the most helpful and polite forum out there.
              Current grow:
              2-Sugar Black Rose, 2-Zkittlez 1-Gorilla Glue Auto
              Soil in 3 gallon pots. Indoors,


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                For a forum with no active mods this is seriously one of the best I've been a part of. I agree, everyone is extremely helpful, caring and polite.

              Originally posted by quirk

              BaccaRacca, I apologize for upsetting you. This was not my intent. I read this Monsanto/Fox farm connection on another forum where the poster stated he would never use Fox Farm products again. I'm trying to quell the rumor, as I'm an avid Fox Farm grower.

              I have to agree being a newbie here and on several other forums (different topics) the last year has seen many forums torn to pieces with political crap and bickering descending into nasty name calling. Just finished my first grow since my last 30 years ago. It was great to get some quality seeds (strains). Bit of a problem buying the seeds again it seems. Just started a 2nd grow with the seeds I have left. May start a grow journal it may help other not make the same mistakes as I am bound to. Like all new growers patience and trying to help too much rather than just wait seems to be the biggest cause of errors.


                When I first got started I tried a lot of different forums. This is the only one I now use. Great people here to learn from. The main site isn’t to shabby either!


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