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    HELP! Seedling dying?

    Hi guys, I have another problem now. One of my 5 days old GG#4 is kinda dying on me... started yesterday and it is getting worse by the hour... the thing is, it's one of two seedlings and the other one is healthy. I feed both the same way. Check for yourselves please guys. What do you think it may be? Thank you buds 👊

    EDIT: I just realised that the tap root was coming out of a draining hole and because I didn't water enough to have a runooof, probably the root began to dry. Tomorrow I'm transplanting that one and the healthy one to a bigger pot, since the roots of the healthy one are showing now too... any suggestions please guys?
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    The soil looks really wet. Maybe over watered. Pretty easy to do with small seedlings.
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      Do you have drainage in the pot ?
      and when you say I feed them the same ? Does that mean you hear giving them nutrients ? Is it soil or coco ? Can’t really tell
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        Sorry for not being so specific as I should. I'm growing in coco with canna nutes and feed them about 0.2 cal mag, 0.5 A +0.5 B, and 2ml rhizotonic. EC 05 and ph 5.7. RH 60% and 25°celcius in grow tent.
        There's another thing, I haven't started feeding it enough to have a decent runoff... could it be thirsty? Thanks bro.


        • CaptainWiese91
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          Never used coco. So I can’t help you. But there is some coco growers in here, they should be more able to answer correctly. Sorry

        No worries captain, I appreciate your help anyway 😉 thanks man👊


          It could be plreef but on those pics I had just watered them enough to have a runoff for the first time. I hope I didn't fuckn kill them man...


          • Sylvester
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            No, you havn't killed them imo.

          They don't look bad , they aren't dying imo. Only 5days old.. Never done coco either, just soil.
          I see water on the pot, hope you don't spray them when light is on - those leaf ends could be a result of nutrient spray burn, even water on leaves under lights can burn.
          At this stage they look fragile, colour is good, it's surprising what a seeding can take, they will fight to survive.
          Keep doing what your doing & monitor, don't over water like I did, almost lost 1 to dampening off, it survived propped up on icicle stick.
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            ADSL i have been using coco for a couple of yrs. Personally i would back off with any nutes right now(tips on pic one looks kinda burnt). Just ph water..i try for 6-6.2 untill you get a couple sets of leaves. And as someone else mentioned..they look quite wet. you dont need to soak that whole pot, just a small area around the stem and you dont need runoff with seedlings either. Their not looking too bad..just give them a little less love haha. I would wait a bit before transplant..let them get roots established and a bit sturdier. Good luck
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              Thanks homegrown. Yeah, I did so buddy, I gave it pHed water with no nutes for a couple if days and it got way better. It seems that the yellowing stopped spreading and now I'm just waiting for it to fall off. Even the green looks darker so I suppose it's on its way to getting healthy again.
              Now, I wish I read your reply before bro, I just transplanted them yesterday, but not all. Only the ones that looked healthy and, tbh, they're actually thriving 😯 never got droopy and never stopped growing and their colors are better even. It's like they actually needed it but I call it luck. Apparently it could have gone bad, right? Transplanting them too soon, I mean. And I did buffer the coco with silicon, cal mag, rhizotonic and cannazym.
              My only concern about leaving them in the little pots was because their roots started to go through the drain holes, which, after some study, I realised it was normal but I had transplanted them already. Hopefully every one of them will be okay. Bear in mind, this is my first grow so I know I will fail along the way. Good thing that I can count on you expert growers to give some help when needed 😉 thanks man.
              PS- may I ask you a couple of questions when I'm in need? Just because you seem to know what you're talking about and you grow in coco too and that's priceless to me.
              Thanks again brother👊


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