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    HELP! UK buying seeds

    Looking to buy some seeds in the UK looking for high germination rate and reliable, fast delivery any suggestions UK growers?
    Please only send TRUSTED websites, thank you!
    Current Grow: 1X Mimosa Evo - 1X BCN Critical XXL
    Medium: Atami Coco substrate with 30% perlite mixed in 1 gallon fabric pots until 3 gallon transfer

    Space​​: 3 foot X 3 foot X 6 foot lined in pandafilm

    Lighting: Mars Hydro TSW2000 at 20 inches away using dimmer to control light output

    Nutrients: Shogun A+B, Vitamax Calmag, Shogun pK 9/18, pH up & down

    Average Room Temp: 22°C night - 25°C day --- 71.6°F night - 77°C day.

    Average RH: 50% - 80% in seedling stage, 50% - 70% in vegative stage, 30% - 50% in Flower

    Methods Used: TBD

    I trust in Greenhouse Seeds company. They guarantee100% germination and have a huge catalog for tried and tested seeds. Many of their strains are award winners and a celebrated seed company. You can pick from photo period and autoflower seeds.

    You can also checkout their flavor wheel and effect reference table to pick the right one for your liking.

    Happy growing.


      London Seed Center seems to be good from what I hear. I also trust and respect Sensi Seeds which has stores in NL


        I ordered from the vault on the recommendations by GrowWeedEasy and mine had to go across the border so for you to be in the Uk would probably get them faster.
        Seen alot of posts about seedsman being bad but never tried them myself just seen alot of posts on the forums saying something wen't wrong.


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          Funny thing about reviews though, a good percentage of them will always be negative no matter what the product is. People always complain when something goes wrong, but hardly anyone posts positive reviews when they're happy. Just an observation. I've ordered from Seedsman twice now and the only complaint I had is that the first order took a while, second took only about 2.5 weeks to arrive.

        Ive ordered from the attitude seed bank and they offer guarantee and make special deliveries and have almost every breeder available


          I'm very interested in to read the topics related to Growing Just bcoz of my passion of growing. Recently I'd read a Review Article And I think Which can Help you to buy Seeds online.
          Top 9+ Best Canadian Seed Banks Review in 2021 - [Trustworthy &Legit] ( They includes many Brands which are trusted and reliable. Hope you'll find it useful !


            RQS is a good place to start but I have had a good few seeds that don’t pop. I’ve just got from Mary’s seeds but won’t try them until next grow.



              I’ve ordered from these guys. They’ve got all the usual seed banks and I got next day delivery in the middle of lockdown.

              Just google cannabis seeds uk and you’ll get plenty of options.


                Im in the uk and i use the Vault.arrive within a week or 2 max.Prices are ok,good selection of strains from all the big names like Barneys farm,Seedsman,Dinafem and many others.And you cant beat the freebies.Customer service is unbeatable too.
                Grow tent=120x60x150 for veg,300x150x160 for flowering
                Current grow=4x dwarf autos,
                Medium=coco/perlite 60/40
                Nutrients=canna a+b plus calmag
                Lighting=2x110w QBs for veg,2x600w hps/digital+dimmable for flowering
                Ventilation=Small tent 2x4" ac infinity fans and 2x rhino carbon filters Large tent 8"ac infinity fan+filter.
                Circulation=2x6"oscilating fans in smaller tent, 2x8" oscilating fans and 12" static in large tent
                Pots=12l fabric
                Temps with light on 23-24c,lights of 17-18c


                  Ive always used Greenhouse seeds/Strain Hunters or Herbies Seeds. I've not been growing for a few years, and as my first grow back I ordered from Herbies. Took about 2 weeks for delivery, always been reliable. But had a few that didn't pop. They were RQS which seem to be Known for it.


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