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    The search thing isn't playing nice so I've got to ask. I have some trim frozen and I'd like to get it "processed" as it were. I know you pour it onto the trim bin... I assume still frozen...I guess in manageable quantities...but...this is where I spaz out. Do I glove up and start crunching frozen stuff and do my best gold prospecting swirl? Chuck the remnants when done and load up again? Probably making it harder than it is but I've never done this before.
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    EXHAUST: AC Infinity T-4 and controller
    AIR CIRC: AC Infinity Cloudray S6
    IRRIGATION: BluMat Tropf NUTRIENTS: Earth Dust

    Check out Mr canuck on YouTube. Good grower and makes dry sifting hash. What I do is freeze it and grab a handful to break up gently over trim bin with gloves on. Unless your in a cold room it gets to room temp quick. I leave the bag in the freezer and grab handfulls at a time or my wife gets it for me. After I break it all up gently I scoop it up put in another bag. After I process my bag of trim or buds I put it in the freezer to refreeze and do another run after I collected my hash. Gloves will often get trichomes and pulverized material stuck to the fingers. I freeze the gloves and then stretch them out of parchment paper and smoke the finger hash in a bowl.
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    organic soil with earth dust dry amendments
    Water only i don't check ph
    6 pot fabric autopots with GH trio nutes


      You can go a couple ways:

      Dry sift: keep buds frozen (helps knock the trichomes off whole) and sift through the screen. I recommend gloves and a decent space to relax and work.

      Dry Ice sift: this is one I prefer, You put your product/trim into a bubble hash bag (pick your preferred micron) add dry ice. Next just shake carefully over some parchment paper and scrape up your “gold”. I like this method because it’s less messy and I get a pretty quick/ high return.

      Bubble hash: this is something I like to mention, because most people will chuck their trim/left overs in the trash, but I like to do a bubblehash run with the leftovers (and some fresh popcorn nugs) and get as much return as I can from the product.


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        I have ounces and ounces of dried trim sitting here. I really should look into the bubble hash bags.

      It really depends on what you want to process it into. RSO is good for edibles, butter, coconut oil, hash, whatever. There's tutorials on almost everything somewhere out there if it's not on GWE. Hell, I made some vape juice the other day! So yeah, depends on what you like I would say.


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