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Bananas after flush! A curse or a boon

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    SOIL Bananas after flush! A curse or a boon

    Hello there,

    I have been growing two plants outdoor in fabric grow bags with soil and with both compost and liquid nutes. Both autoflowers started flowering on 12/Nov and are 6 weeks into flowering and good for harvest as per seed company.

    So the issue I am seeing is with White Widow Auto from Greenhouse seeds. From the look of the trichomes, I wanted the girl to go a week or two. So I started a flush with ph 5.9(πŸ˜”) 3 days ago and stopped at 800ppm runoff so that I don't starve her completely.

    Now I see bananas 🧐😁😩!! This appeared just yesterday and I suspect the stress I induced with flush.

    After reading a lot, I'm confused(happens a lot 😐) as to what should I be doing next. Some articles say to harvest ASAP, some say it won't have any impact in late flowering, some say it will pollinate the whole plant and the one next to her(😩), some say it will produce femanized seeds(😍).


    P.S: This WWA is a fighter, she had the seed cap stuck on her and did not get the cotyledons, then was under small LED bulbs for 3 whole days, but managed to get here.

    *This is my first grow and too much of learning in one grow. πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ€—
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      If there's not a lot, you can pluck them off, seeds from both would be feminized with the seeds on the hermie (S1) possibly carrying a hermie trait.
      If it is finished enuf for you (I like lots of amber), then maybe consider harvest. Most dont like smoking male parts, they give me a headache.


        It’s tricky. Late in flower with a plant by itself, is usually no issue and you won’t see significant losses. But if you have another plant in there with her that’s not as far into flower as it, it can definitely pollinate it, and cause it to focus energy on producing seeds. And the gentleman above me is correct, it can also carry the hermie trait with said seeds. If both plant are the same age no real problem. After you harvest, regardless of what you choose to do, it’s a must that you thoroughly clean your grow space, as pollen sticks to EVERYTHING


          I always figure it takes 4-6 weeks for the seeds to be ready after pollination to avoid the problem harvest within a week but if you want the seeds I would wait at least 4 weeks but 6-7 to be safe. Imo every single fem seed has the herm gene because the only way to get fem is for both parents to be female means one of them had to herm. I don't see a difference if you accidentally or on purpose caused a female to herm, how is the seed going to know the difference. I believe that's just something the seed guys spread around so you don’t make and or keep your own seeds.
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            MeEasy Genetics is a fun game, there is a difference in a natural hermie and a forced hermie, at least thats what I read. The seeds from a hermie that pollinates its self (S1) (and more so if the hermie is natural) are more prone to hermie. This is a step in evolution moving toward all MJ being self pollinated, we dont want that!
            Now I dont believe everything I read such as up to 90% of all males are really hermies, I dont for 1 second believe that!


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              I'm saying that if a plant hermies because you spray it with something to cause it stress or if you have a light leak and it hermies. How is there a difference in the seeds produced. Now if the herm pollinates itself I can at least see this being a possible problem. But even this is just how nature works plant are going to do whatever it takes to make new plants. Like if a single seed somehow travels across the ocean onto an island grows hermies to create new plants and eventually it will spread around the island is every plant tainted or is it the way nature works πŸ€” there are animals that a single animal can make a new colony all by it's self. I'm not a scientist and a matter of fact not that smart but this is how my brain worked this out, I have nothing to back it and it's just my opinion


            This was a good learning post! and different schools of thought and I respect and appreciate all the comments.

            Bananas- I plucked the bananas out and over the next three days I see no more bananas appearing. It looked sterile to me and I don't see any changes in the buds around this one so I assume the chances that anything got pollinated are low.

            Also the plant is 6 weeks in flowering and ready as per seed company instructions, so making viable seeds from here to fully develop is out of the picture.

            Found this interesting article on cannabis genes which I found was helpful.

            The plant next to this one(Big Bang Auto, GHSeeds) is more mature and went down today.

            ​​​​​​For this plant(White widow auto, GHSeeds) with no more bananas I'm planning to continue for two more weeks to harvest. The trichomes are still all cloudy and being sativa dominant I am thinking to harvest when ~30% ambers and two weeks from here would do that. Need correction if this is not right.

            Peace ✌
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              Way to grow and think through with your grow. I would do nothing different if they had been mine, i would do the same. Excellent job and congrats on that lovely big bang auto.

            Thank you SoOrbudgal, my BBA was cut down just today and I thought what else can make a better display picture.

            BTW your avatar made me jealous, if you don't mind what strain would it be?


            • SoOrbudgal
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              Say there i sure don't remember Pot4peace what it was i'm sure a photo period and it was one of the first post with pics i posted. Dang sorry about that an no doubt it was a bag seed cause before this site i really only used old bag seed and cloned them, never bought seeds online. Of course now i'm hooked on the genetics and female seeds.

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