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    SOIL temperature to high

    Is it ok to use a air cooler in a indoor grow tent set up???. the air cooler is water cooled with ice tray options, i have not turned the air cooler on yet, am not sure if it will harm the plants tent is 9ft - 5ft - 6ft..has led + hps lighting + 6in fan ducting, the temperature in the tent is 35 - 40 Celsius with 3large fans inside and 7tent air vents open and every window and door in my unit open 24/ can i get the temperature down to 25 Celsius or is it ok to keep growing at 35 - 40 Celsius.
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    I want to say yes, but I would keep a close eye on the environment, and to make sure it’s programmed right for the evening time or on a timer so you don’t dip too low when the lights are off.

    anytime I add a new piece of equipment into my grow I like to do a “dry run” without plants for a couple days just to make sure I don’t change the environment negatively, and make sure it goes as planned when I put some new seedlings in there.


      This sounds like a swamp cooler, which will put moisture in the air. IF you need to raise the RH this would do it. These are effective in cooling very dry air, and flounder with humidity..


        I have an 8x8 with a portable air conditioner in it and it works great. Sounds like you got a swamp cooler, you might want something stronger if your lights are really hot.


          To answer your question about whether or not it’s okay to keep growing in 35-40 C temps, I would say Hale No. That is way too hot, you have to do something. Read this awesome article:


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