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Indentify discoloration/marks on some leaves

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    HELP! Indentify discoloration/marks on some leaves

    Hello friends. Ill get straight to it. I have some marks on my leaves and its spreading. Not really stressed as the genetics are great but would like your input anyway. Sherbet Queen RQS Day 31F . Soil/Perlite mix Fabric pot. 240 W qb dimmed 60% 10 inches away from canopy ( first photoperiod grow caught offgaurd by strech- hence lights dimmed),Advanced Nuterients Bloom AB +Big Bud, Bud Candy, B12 & Calmag. Recently upped to 90% strength. Water Phed to 6.3-6.5 when feeding and 6.6-6.7 when plain water. 2 waterings are feedings and then fresh phed water.Click image for larger version

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    Calcium deficiency and excess phosphorus look pretty damn close and I'm just guessing that since you just increased your food it's more than likely the phosphorus. It's hard to read this but it's a good tool


    • YYCannabis
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      That’s a great identification guide

    • 24McNuggetsPlease
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      Hey man. First of all thanks for the info! Ill skip a feeding with this one , or use less of the B which has the phosphorus and use the A which is mainly nitrogen and keep the calmag. Im actually dosing 2ml p/l with the calmag which is the maximum reccomended dose.

    • MeEasy
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      To much calcium will block iron magnesium manganese and a few others. Just another thought, it's so hard to diagnose 🤯

    Here’s another one I’ve found useful.
    Over 30 yrs of back pain management without ever having a pharmacist give me a bottle of pills. Thank you Mother Nature and all the hippies from the ‘60s that became weed-masters.


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