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Bubble hash

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    Bubble hash

    Looking for your thoughts and any information on making it. Thank you

    This is a good place to start:
    We have many good hash makers here on the forum.
    GL and hope you post your hash adventures when ready.
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      Don't pre freeze, stir until foam appears on top, freeze patties and then use a microplane to grind into fine dust over cardboard and dry for ate least a week, should end up with kieffe like powder that turns brownish if You roll it and melts when heated


        Its a long process that requires ice, buckets, bags and something to stir with. I learned the technique from watching BubbleMan on youtube. Essentially, you add your materials and ice into the bag within other bags. You'll add water and stir, which breaks the trichome heads off and into the water. You then let the bags out of the bucket and let the water drain into the other bags. Depending upon bag micron (screen) size, you will have different grades of trichome heads.

        This is a great way to turn your trash into stash. All of my trim that would normally get tossed out, is saved and then used in the bubble bags once I've collected enough material.


          If you looking for good hash making I recommended to google frenchy cannoli.
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          And trying to grow Mexican landraces in the Yucatan. Well why not eh !!


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            and the most opinionated

          • MagicMike66
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            Some good advice on his bubble making. Particularly like using the frisbee and how he cleans the plugged holes, will defo be using both of them next run 👍🏻

          Some history for those interested


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            thanks for the link.

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            No worries, interesting read has a few other articles on many things

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