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FAN: intake or exhaustion??

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    COCO COIR FAN: intake or exhaustion??

    Hi guys, another rookie question here. I have a 2.6x2.6 tent and am planning to start a grow this week. I'm planting on coco coir and possess a mars hydro ts 1000, a CO2 smart bag, a humidifier, a heat fan, a rotating fan, an intake fan, but, because I'm growing in a garden shed 😐 I'm not really concerned with the smell, so no exhaustion fan going in there, meaning there isn't really much air circulating in and out of the tent, only in, basically.Is that a problem? I was told, lately, to use the intake fan as an exhaust one and just let the air in passivelly through a vent duct... though my ducts will be as closed as possible because of the light coming in... and was planning on having the intake fan just so I could bring some humidity in the tent, but, is it worth it, since I have the humidifier??
    Some help is needed here guys, if you could once more, I'd appreciate it. Thanks πŸ‘ŠπŸŒ±

    I use passive air intake and exhaust my tent


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      Yeah that just seems more logical

    Intake isn’t important, especially in your setup. A exhaust fan would keep the air moving, new in/old out. They’re good to have. Never know what issues you may run into with heat or humidity later. In my grow room I have a humidifier, a dehumidifier and a portable ac and they all get used at different times.
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      Yeah I might do just that guys. Thanks again bboy, you're always one msg away man! I do have a couple of inkbird to help with the heat and humidity but yeah, better safe than sorry. Thanks broπŸ‘Š


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