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600 W Blue Metal Halide Bulb ? Ballast?

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    600 W Blue Metal Halide Bulb ? Ballast?

    Anybody using 600 W MH metal halide blue bulbs? thoughts?
    What kind of ballast are you using for MH ? do you use in flower?
    Do you use both LED and HPS or MH ?

    Whats your thoughts in 5 x 5 x 7'11" & a 5 x 5 x 8'11"

    My Growing and going full tilt NoTill NTG thread
    The universities do not teach all things

    I have a 750W ballast dimmed to 75% with a MH bulb in it, comes to just under 600W (I think) in a 4x4. I really haven't used it a lot but it was doing good when I was. I'm in the process of getting away from the hot HID lights and going to mostly LEDs. If you're looking to use a 5x5, I'd take a look at a 630 CMH light. I upgraded to some 315 CMH lights in almost all my tents and I like them, they just get a little hot for me since I run more than one. A 630 CMH would run you just over 600W like you want, the bulbs last longer and would be good for the size you want. Look them up, there's a page on GWE and I'll post a link for another one with more info. If you do traditional MH, for a 5x5 I think you'd want a minimum of 750-1000W and it works best if you get an HPS bulb as well. Someone else may correct me on that, it's just an estimate. I use 4 of the 315 CMH lights in an 8x8 right now and it's working great. I have to have an air conditioner in the tent to keep the heat down, but otherwise it's been fantastic. The picture is some ladies in my 8x8. Hope that helps, happy growing!
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    • Paracelsus
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      What was the brand of your ballast? Sirius recommended the 600 as the most efficient for veg. I'm using HPS now. I have a 4 x 4 trays in the 5 x 5's to give me some room to move around. I also have a 600 W ChilLED growtec I am going to supplement with HID in flower. Some growers but not me use both blue MH and HPS in flower too

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      I can't remember right off hand. It might be iPower but I'm not entirely sure without checking. I got it on eBay though, was a 2 pack for just under $60.

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