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55 Degrees Ferrenheit in my flower room last night... how bad is it?

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    HELP! 55 Degrees Ferrenheit in my flower room last night... how bad is it?

    So my Veg was growing slow. My reasoning is it in a cold spot in an unfinshed basement. :I finally bought a recording thermometer and after addressing my veg room issues with a small heater, some dryer ducting and 1/4 in foam board made an adhock 2 x 4 enclosed to keep the heat in.

    Here is my bigger issue.... I moved the thermometer to my Flower room to check things out and the overnight temp hit. 55.

    My plants appear healthy. the daytime temp hangs 71-74 degrees. I didn't think it dropped that low over night. I am about 3-4 weeks out by the calender (Please tell me what you think by the photos. First tricomes are starting to frost). Do I want/need to correct this immediately or should I ride out the rest of this harvest? I am doing a flower room overhaul at the end of this cycle.

    I am in a 4 x 5 space, growing in FF soil in 3 Gallon plastic. All pots are off the cold floor on foam inslation. I have a 600W HID and a couple cheap LED's which got the room to 90 before I built a filter and installed a vent. Daytime temps are now good.

    I kinda stressed the Veg plants a few days of not having the heat right. I don't want to screw up this late in the game. Thank in advance for you input. This community rocks!


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    Old school outdoor renegade finally indoors and legit.
    5x5 DIY flower room with 3 nets. 600w Hid mars hydro 600(100w) and Chinese led (150w actual).. Promix C coco mix +20% course perlite. General hydro nutes at slightly under full dose+ cal mag and molasses every other water.
    wishing you peace on your particular path....

    I think you are fine. It's winter there's only so much you can do. If you have a vent or exhaust fan maybe turn it down a little at night but that's about it. I'm in a similar position. The temp in my tent dropped to a low of 56 last night but my plants are doing fine. Also it's not that low the whole time. Im using one of those sensorpush temp probes so I can see a graph of the temperature over time on the app. Lights went out at midnight but the temperature didnt go below 58 until about 5 am. It continued to drop to 56 until noon when the lights came on. It might not be ideal but as long as it doesnt get much lower I wouldnt worry about it.


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      Good the hear and thanks for the input. If they were stressed like the Veg room, I would freak... thanks

    Thats not to bad, if you keep it up you may get colours like purple. I have a (male) plant on the front porch, it hit 20*F here yesterday and he is still alive and well.


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