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Leaving petioles when defoliating

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    Leaving petioles when defoliating

    Does anybody leave petioles on plants when defoliating? I’m new to growing cannabis, and slightly less new to bonsai. A lot of recommendations in bonsai say to leave the petioles on when defoliating. The tree then removes nutrients from petioles for the rest of the plant. The petioles then slowly deteriorate and fall off. Same thing should happen in cannabis, right?

    Yes the dead matter will decay and can cause root or mold down the road.
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      I Do.

      I believe most growers trim right down to the stalk, Petiole, Stipule and all.

      My defoliation goal is mostly to expose lower bud sites to light, so I snip the fan and leave the stem for any juice it can contribute to the plant. They dry up and get trimmed in turn. It's all about the light really, so once the "Umbrella" is gone who cares about that stem?

      In the pic, a "December Moon BU2B PPP" grow, you can see how handy that stubby stem is in LST. Pegging a recalcitrant young manifold branch to the underlying Petiole twig reduces the chance of snapping a main manifold stem during early training.

      I been wrong before, but that makes sense to me and that's what I usually do.



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        Yes either they get cut off or wilt away on mine.
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