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    bubble hash Question

    hi growers

    i am getting ready to do a run of hash using bubble bags. i have not done it before but have watched enough videos to know how ect but i have a question on the quality of material used

    basically i have 4oz of ok trim and small buds that should make some ok stuff but i also have 3 oz of this old stuff that didn't mature before it was killed was like 2 ish weeks early as it started going seedy still has frost but all the trics where clear so and maybe 7 months old by now but has been dried kept in freezer

    basically my question is.. will immature buds still product hash that's worth smoking or should i just bin that stuff and wait till i get more mature trim and or would it be worth just running 4oz. i feel like 4oz is not really enough to produce a yield for the effort

    I wouldn't mix it together. Have you thought about making Dry Ice Hash? A lot easier to make. 4 ozs. make some decent amount of hash.
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    • Acology
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      last time i did dry ice it was hard to find. that was 5 years ago. its not commonly sold in shops here unless you are willing to travel some distance or put effort in searching places that stock it

      id rather make butter and cake but it smells too much when cooking so bubble bags is my next practical option also i don't want solvents and i cant justify getting a rosin press just yet guess ill bin that stuff then and wait till my next trim that's mature

    Take it all and try making a tincture. Its very easy and will strip any THC remaining in the buds and scrap. Just adjust the quantity of ingredients to match the grade of your raw materials.
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      so i just got my bags in today question should i wash them 1st before using them and if yes should i use just water or something else


      • Poppa
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        If you got the Bubble Bag Dude bags mine came with one drying screen. It is nice to have more / extras of them especially if making different strains. These are ones I have bought a couple of times.

      I washed mine with warm water before I used them.
      Good luck with your adventure.
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      • Acology
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        it will be fun then annoying and thanks for your info

      hi growers i have a new question

      how many bags can i skip ??

      the micron bags i have and used 220 190 160 120 90 73 45 25

      now i was thinking of only using the 220 120 90 45 25

      i would be skipping some of the trash bags and the 45 micron bag

      would the 120 bag get rid of enough trash to make the 90 still acceptable and if i skip the 45 micron bag will the 25 micron bag work still

      the 120 stuff is worth making cakes ect out of and to be honest i don't see a problem with some plant matter in there if it saves my time but if im going to contaminate the rest 90 on then that's bad

      i have only done this bubble hash thing once and i wont be doing it again for 3 ish months but i would like to reduce the bags i use next time because i found it was to much filtering


      • changeofpace2014
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        You might run into a problem going from 73 to 25 mic - I ran into problems going from 45 to 25 and ordered a bag in between. The 25 bag took days with squeezing and I think it was not worth the hassle, all be it the b.h was black.

      My first time I made hash it was 2 runs from my first grows trim, the next 2 times I did 2 runs each of the White Rhino & Somango XXL trim combo and 2 runs of White Widow. I followed the tutorial the first time I made bubble hash. The second time I like you wanted to cut back on number of bags I was working with so I went with the 220, 160, 73 and 25. This worked well and what was collected was satisfactory. No negative response from any of the friends I gave the WR & XXL hash too. But I found the WW 160 had a little more plant matter in it then I really wanted and the 25 seemed to dam near liquefy and flow right through the screen. So on 3rd and the last time of making it I only used 2 bags the 220 and 25 this gave all the hash collected a more even consistency. There is still a difference between the first and second runs that seems like trichomes get a little more beat up or more of them burst by second time being agitated. But I and the friends I give what I don't keep for personal use agreed it had a more consistent texture and burned much more evenly.


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