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Best LED lights for 1kw off grid solar system

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    Best LED lights for 1kw off grid solar system

    Newbie here and this is my first post, so please forgive if this has been addressed before. I live off grid with a brand new 1kw solar system with 8 12volt battery storage capacity. Whew! It took me months to actually understand what all that really means!

    My question is if any of you live off grid and start your seeds with led grow lights which ones are the most energy efficient in your experience? It can be difficult to judge actual power usage unless I just buy them and use a Killowat to rate them, which could be expensive.

    My plan is to start the plants indoors and then move them to an outdoor greenhouse. I also live in Montana, which means I’m inly expecting one grow a year, using the greenhouse.

    Thanks for any help you can provide and thanks to the voters of Montana!

    Welcome to GWE, home of friendly and experienced growers!

    The latest LED grow lights are very energy efficient and would seem a good match for your system. As an example, the ViparSpectra XS 1500 is plenty of light for a 2'x2' grow space and it only draws 150 actual watts from the wall.

    As you are probably realizing, a 1Kw solar system is pretty limited for a household so if you are completely off the grid you'll need to be really stingy with your juice.




      Welcome to GWE forum.
      I agree with Grouchyoldman, any of the newer LED's from reputable companies should do the job. These lights are getting better and better each year.
      Look at HLG, Spiderfarmer, MarsHydro as a few more choices. I use Marshydro and a Quantum Board style from True Northern. They both do a great job.
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        Welcome to the forum!!! I'd recommend only using a small T5, like you can find at Home Depot. I believe that will only draw around 50 watts. I 1Kw system doesn't afford much in the way of growing. Lights are hungry, regardless. Do you have a plan you've drawn up? I'd also recommend increasing your battery bank.
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          Welcome, CDC.
          How large of an outdoor grow are you trying to run?
          If you only need a few plants to get started and vegged until weather permits moving them outdoors, using the most efficient led you can afford will work well.
          15-20 watts/sq ft of canopy will veg well, so it'll really depend on how much space you'll need to grow the starts to figure out how much power you'll need.
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