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    HELP! Harvest time for Auto

    Hi all, I have seeded Auto Fem Purple Kush 70 days ago (10 weeks). The plants have flowered early, 5 - 6 weeks. I am not sure when to harvest. GWE suggest to wait until 75% of the pistils go brown. I wrote to the seed vendor and they tell me that these should be ready to harvest between 65 and 75 days. Currently all the pistils are white except for a few brown ones. Should I harvest with white pistils in 5 days??? Please advise! Thanks! JC

    Don’t harvest yet it’s too early. If most of the hairs are still white, then you have more time to go. Also need to get micro views of the trichomes as they will also help you know when to harvest.

    There is a big difference between what the seed breeder says about the plant flowering time, and when the plant tells you its time to harvest. The breeders grow in near perfect conditions that most home growers just can’t achieve.
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      Take it slow. Look closely at the trichomes. This is a "relaxation" strain. Obviously I can't see the plant but I'd wait for all the pistils to shrivel. Best thing would be to take some pics and post on here. Get as close as you can to some trich's on the buds not the leaves. The longer you wait the more of a "relaxation" buzz you'll get.


        I'd definitely say wait until you know they're ready for sure or you'll be kicking yourself in the ass later. I know I do when I harvest too early. Like mentioned, wait until most of your pistils have changed and curled in and then start checking trichomes on the buds, not the leaves.
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          Thank you very much to all for the replies. I don't have much experience with growing; there is not much room for error as this will be my supply for the next year. I will closely monitor the pistils and in doubt, I will come back with pictures, Cheers all and Happy New Year!!!


            Patience my friend. Don't screw up three months work by being over anxious. Use a magnifier to check the tricomes on the buds and harvest only when they show some significant amber. The pistils are a very poor indicator of ripeness. At best, only harvest when they are all brown.
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              Autos are time machines...a week to sprout and be a little plant............two weeks to grow as many leaves as possible....flower time and stretch ,when she stops growing she put all energy into bud making. She will draw all food for the buds from the leaves. First the sun leaves will yellow ,then the food leaves, then the sugar leaves, When the single bud leaves start yellowing HARVEST. it will be purfect every time.


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