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Need help with rusty spots on leaves (autoflower)

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    Update on bloody skunk auto: she is putting on some weight, really starting to show her darker colours. I don’t notice any rust spots getting worse or moving, but she is getting a lighter green as she gets more purple.
    I notice that the new growth is still healthy and green/purple, just the exposed larger fan leaves are showing these signs.

    update on northern lights auto: large and in flower, starting to show some yellow leaves below the canopy, but everything else seems to be going great. Top-dressed yesterday for week 3 of flower.

    update on LSD auto: well.. she seems to love the environment and is getting a little taller than I expected, wasn’t expecting her to get so big! No deficiencies, just on cruise control and moving forwards (hoping the flowering pre-stretch is over as topping 4ft currently)

    last but not least,
    crystal widow auto: she is doing fantastic, lush green, big leaves and gettin fat. However, it’s going into week 6 of veg, With no signs of pistols. I’m starting to think it’s photoperiod and not autoflower. What do you guys think?

    1,2,3,4 - bloody skunk auto
    5-6-7 - northern lights auto
    8-9 - LSD auto
    10-11 - crystal widow (auto?)
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      Originally posted by PLreef View Post
      GreenAlchemist how are your plants doing? I ordered roots organic elemental calcium/magnesium and it came in today. I'm using it as a top dress feed. Hopefully my girls react well to it.
      I've used the exact same product and ran into a problem of the top dressing + water creating a hydrophobic layer aka a crust on the soil that didn't allow water to really soak in, it just kind of ran through the pot. If I were to do it again, I might scratch the top dressing into the soil a little to mix it before I watered. I hope you have better luck. The results themselves were good, I did like the benefit I saw in my plants from using it.


        Update: I gave the bloody skunk and amnesia haze a low dose of cal-mag, and will be giving the northern lights auto some Epsom salt mixed in water to help correct the magnesium deficiency it’s developing.

        I feel like I should do the same with Epsom salt to the amnesia haze and bloody skunk, but wanted to ask how that would go after giving it cal-mag a couple days ago.

        Bloody skunk is looking quite yellow, I really should have topdressed a week sooner I think. Hoping everything bounces back and clicks into cruise control again.

        Where did the amnesia haze come from? (I thought it was LSD auto but checked the seed pack and it was amnesia haze auto.. oops)


          Update: it’s coming along quite nicely, though this magnesium deficiency is a bit of a head scratcher for me, hoping someone might be able to offer some opinions or tips to correct it.
          So far, I have done cal-mag on my bloody skunk, and put Epsom salt to the amnesia haze and northern lights auto’s.

          The bloody skunk is just nearing the end, and past it’s breeder suggested harvest time. So I’m feeling the yellowing is just yellowing off and nearing it’s end, so I have no concern there anymore.

          My amnesia and northern lights both seem to be yellowing/spreading, so I’m thinking it’s a lockout or ph issue.. so I’ve tested my medium, and my water (pictures below) I used two different soil testers and tested my tap water (de-chlorinated) and natural.

          PS. Still very new to organics, dry amendments and auto’s, so any advice is very appreciated! Thank you.

          PSS. Turns out the Crystal Widow Auto, is crystal widow photoperiod.. so going to have to move her to my other flower tent when it’s harvested and had space. Hoping she doesn’t get much bigger until I get her in there


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