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Cannabis seedlings stretching?

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    If you're going to invest in something for the full grow I probably would go with something better than T5 lights. At this point I think most blurple lights are better than T5s, IMO. How big is your grow space? There's a lot of options out there but we can probably help recommend something or point you in the right direction if we know what space you have.


      My main grow tent is 1 square meter of space(thats 39x39in). I currently have 2x200 watt viparspectra running

      i just ordered these ones was thinking of adding the to my seedling cupboard, next to the yellow looking lights.
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        judging by the specs they don't look that powerful. Did you grow clones with the same lights? If so how did they turn out? Good yields? are you saying that you have these strips as well as 2 x 200watt viparspectra lights? a par reading of 200 is still a bit low if I recall correctly. Cannabis needs 300-500 to be in a good growing range.

        Although it is a little hard to tell if your seedlings are stretching that may be the case.

        Remember that half the battle when growing weed is light. Nutrients certainly help but like in nature, the more full spectrum light the better.
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          Update* the leaves now seem to be growing faster than the length of the stem! The only two changes i made were bringing it an inch closer by adding another book underneath the tray and the 6000k blue light. The middle one in the back is a little stunted. I believe this is due to the fact i left the husk of the seed attached to its leaf, up until yesterday when i removed it. In response to Dilvish, yeah so just these strips for my seedling and have 5 plants which are flowering under 2x200 watt lights in the grow tent and the one plant by itself under a 90 watt, because i ran out of space in my grow tent.


            And this my first time using these 10 watt lights. I only have about 16 inches of ceiling height in cupboard, plus trying to be as efficient with energy usage as possible. On top of that when i looked today the cupboard was 84 degrees, so adding additional wattage could cause temperature issues. I think im going to put the fans from low to medium power.


              i have two calilfonia lightworks solar extreme 250, i'm saying, i want to use a T5, just for seedlings.


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