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    A few close-ups...


      Day 25 - 4 days since topping and lower foliage clean up


      • RagWeedDWC
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        Editing a comment
        Looking healthy! Nice job!

      Started training the new main shoots for the space. I tied down the two main fan leaves on each plant and then tied the new shoots to the fan leave stems.

      2 more days and I’ll consider doing a 2nd topping.


        Question for the more experienced...

        During blackout when flowering should I disable the IR night vision light on the camera?


          It’s a disputed topic (like most things with growing)...some say it’s no issue, while others believe it will cause hermies. I’d suggest turning it off to be on the safe side.
          Over 30 yrs of back pain management without ever having a pharmacist give me a bottle of pills. Thank you Mother Nature and all the hippies from the ‘60s that became weed-masters.


            It’s been a hot minute, hope everyone is keeping well. The girls have been topped for a 3rd time today and training is ongoing. So far so good.

            Have also switched to a Viparspectra V900.

            I’m setting up a 2nd tent soon, have a Mars Hydro TS1000 on the way.

            The camera inside really doesn’t like the new light spectrum, I’ll post more photos once training is complete in a week or so.


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