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Black tipped sugar leaves.

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    Its hard to make out colors in the pic due to lighting but to me it looks like deficiencies. If temp does not get below mid 60's F (19-20 C) then i would say it is a deficiency issue .You are using coco so what are you feeding it?

    Alternatively since it is an auto it may be getting close to harvest and may just be going through fall. Depends on strains flowering time.


      It is getting near to harvest but 1 of my other plants thats a couple of weeks behind is also starting to show the same symptoms.Feeding Canna A+B 5ml per 6 litres of water with 3 ml calmag and a few days back i started to add 2.5ml of Blackstrap Molasses,it was just after starting with the molasses that i noticed the black tips which is why i thought that might be the cause.
      Grow tent=120x60x150 for veg,300x150x160 for flowering
      Current grow=4x dwarf autos,
      Medium=coco/perlite 60/40
      Nutrients=canna a+b plus calmag
      Lighting=2x110w QBs for veg,2x600w hps/digital+dimmable for flowering
      Ventilation=Small tent 2x4" ac infinity fans and 2x rhino carbon filters Large tent 8"ac infinity fan+filter.
      Circulation=2x6"oscilating fans in smaller tent, 2x8" oscilating fans and 12" static in large tent
      Pots=12l fabric
      Temps with light on 23-24c,lights of 17-18c


        george66, I don't see anything wrong with your plant. Leaves change color when they get close to harvest. Two plants from the same mother plant can look different just like your siblings don't all look the same. I wouldn't do a thing this close to harvest. Don't give them anything but water.


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