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Emergency !!! dying plant dwc

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    HELP! Emergency !!! dying plant dwc

    Hey guys, so it’s been 3 days already - since i posted this thread, but the plant is not getting any better, now could I please get info how to atleast save her ? Anything last remedy solution for dwc thx for any info guys
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    Have you tried changing the solution in your reservoir?


      Bugs ? Have looked at your roots ? Never had one get that bad but had similar situation that turned out to be treatable with Neem oil. Good luck.
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        These are my roots i use enzymes - plagron pure zyme
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          Howdy Sheester, What is the water temperature in the reservoir and is it well aerated? I use ice bottles to keep the temperature between 63° F and 79° F and run four 4 inch by 3 inch air stones on a quad outlet air pump for each of my reservoirs, Algae, molds, and slime can grow in warm water (72° F and above) and can cause all sorts of problems. I have been using GH FloraShield (a cleaning wash) at a low rate, 1.5 to 2 ml/gal, to keep down unwanted organisms in the reservoirs. This, with the temperature control, has worked well for me. One other thing that You could try is a good dose of hydrogen peroxide (the 3% ), I have used it at 4 ounces in my six gallon reservoirs). I'm not familiar with the plagron pure zyme, and if it is similar to the Hydro-guard, the H2O2 will kill it as well as the unwanted stuff.
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            If you trust your measurements on ph and ec, then I don't think you have a nutrient issue.
            I would have a REALLY close look for critters on the leaves.
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