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Best Time of Day to Top?

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    Best Time of Day to Top?

    Hey guys! Is it better for my girls if I top them in the morning a couple hours after the lights come on, or at night a couple hours before they turn off? Does it make a difference? Thank you very much.

    I don’t believe there’s a difference between topping a few hours after waking up vs. A few hours before bed. As long as the lights are on, you’re good to top.

    I do Always recommend that if you transplanted lately, to wait for established roots to help it bounce back faster. (Only people who transplanted in the last week)

    Personally speaking I top when I can find time during that day lol. But if you want to try a little experiment, you can top half in the morning when they wake up, and the other half a couple hours before lights out, and see if there’s a slight difference between times for bounce back. Though I’ve heard a lot of people mention they saw no difference. It may just be a splitting hairs thing
    Hope this helps some, have fun topping!


      Hey GreenAlchemist, thanks a lot for the advice! I was kind of hoping it made no difference but wanted to make sure.


        I do it after i have a couple cups of coffee
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          Yep with my coffee mug and after one hour a good glass of Bordeaux non ? Usually when the lights goes on.
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        Top them after coffee and before beer.
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          I do any topping or training on the same day I water my girls - best chance for recovery.

          Sorry Budgal but not after coffee - my hands don't need the caffeine jitters or I'd cut more than I want to.
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