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    HELP! Help

    Hello forum .. this is my 2nd grow and I’m having issues with my seedlings .. I don’t know what is happening can anyone let me know why my seedlings are growing like this .. I have been watering them and the water does dry up but I noticed I wasn’t checking the PH of the water and when I checked the soil it was 5.5 idk if that’s why ?? Out of 3 seedlings 2 are growing weird and maybe stunted.. I’ve since tried getting PH up but still weird growth.

    fox farm ocean forest soil
    600watt led light at 30 inches
    Good air circulation
    solo cups
    spray bottle for watering
    no nutrients yet just nutrients already in soil .
    2x4 vivosun grow tent

    PLS HELP 😭

    The symptoms are consistent with roots suffering oxygen deprivation from sitting in a saturated medium. With good air circulation and drainage, your medium shouldn't appear that wet, even if you just watered or sprayed. Light ,fluffy, airy medium, moist never wet.

    1. Is any excess water able to drain out the bottom?
    2. Are you using that water bottle as a dome?
    3. What quantity of water are you applying and how often.?


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      Thank you for the comment I really appreciate it. I’ve noticed that the water I add does not drain. also, the seedling with the see through cup I’ve noticed that the top portion of the soil gets wet while the bottom is fairly dry .. should I add perlite to help them breathe ?

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      Should I let them dry out ?

    First thing I saw was that you are using FFOF. I ruined one entire order of seedlings before realizing the FFOF was too hot for seedlings. I went from towel sprouted to soil. They popped fine but soon developed nute and growth issues. Once the roots/plants started to mature, they went crazy gangbusters for good growth. If you continue with FFOF, it's good stuff. No need for nutes for several weeks.

    This isn't an issue, currently, with your littlest seedling. Your clear cup is an invitation for mold and slime. I got green slime after not listening to some of the old snake oil salesmen in the forum.
    Dabs well with others
    Pineapple Kush Fem - 4 x 5 gal - 09/19
    3'x3'x6' tent
    Big Bud regular - 2 x 3 gal - 10/10
    2'x3'x4-1/2' tent
    HLG 360 Elite
    Viparspectra 350W LED
    Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil
    Fox Farm nutes
    FF nutes foliar spray
    Root Excelurator Gold


    • Tackitor
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      Thanks for the comment I really appreciate it.

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