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    Whats wrong already???

    Hi y'all!

    So I've got some new babies and they having some trouble growing healthy but i have no idea whats going on. The leaves have weird color, and they are deformed like they got a shock or something.
    Could u help please?

    1000w mars led light
    1×1×2m tent
    Soil medium
    65% humidity 26C° temp
    5 days since germinating
    white widow
    Eastern europe


    Sometimes leaves just grow weird due to genetics alone. It looks weird but they look healthy altogether.
    Rawtton by Ethos Journal


      They are soo young and have so many more leaves to grow. Color looks good. When your in a Veg stage things take a lot longer. Patience, when they get to a good size to flip to 12 you will see them take off.


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