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Help - Lights Left on overnight during Flowering!

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    Help - Lights Left on overnight during Flowering!

    I screwed up, and wondering what to do now. I hit my timer yesterday and it got set to on. My grow is 5 weeks into flowering and now this. Darn. Does anyone know if there is anything I should do - other than put the timer back? I just did that.
    Trying a sea of green with 16 tiny plants. was going well, but I did have another issue, with leaves cupping up and getting shiny - for which I raised the lights and reduced nutrients for the next couple of days. If anyone can advise anything other to do, please feel fee. I added a photo of afghan hash plant cupping (raised lights 3 inches , and a gelato that has gone shiny.

    with my crowded seas of green i really cant move them around much. I have 6 strains going and they definitely act differently as some are thriving, some hurting and some almost ready to harvest already. Cheers
    A Happy Canuk. Sea of green with 8 strains in 15 pots of coco, 3 by 3 by 6 ft tent. Remo 7 part organic nutrient system. Mars Hydro Reflector series 300 W, 2 BestVA elite 600 W LED lights. clones from various sources. 3 super soil indicas under 2 600W Niello cob leds.

    Hey bootsy!
    You’ve already fixed the timer, that’s really all you can do. Unfortunate that it’s during flower as it will stress your plants.
    Have you checked your plants for bugs? Look on the main site at broad mites, or search shiny cupped leaves. I’ve not had this particular pest, so don’t know for sure, but your symptoms are very similar


    • Bootsy
      Bootsy commented
      Editing a comment
      checked her good and dont see anything odd. I did just water with a lot of runoff today (at least 20%) with 5.5ph and runoff was at 6.4. odds are that the soil was really alkaline and somehow did some stunting and likely leading to the leaves. thanks

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