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My first attempt.

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    My first attempt.

    Hi folks, this is my first post and also my first attempt at growing a plant. Things have been going well since germination on the 9th of October 2020. So 3 weeks old now. However, I noticed the leaves curling. Most probably because I have them too much fan time. Would you agree or is there something else you might suggest has happened?

    Looking forward to your response.
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    Looks to be over watered are you letting it get dry before you water


      It doesn't get much water in fairness as I've been checking the top soil each day and it is always damp! There's plenty of allowance for excess water to run off too. Not sure what else it could be! 😬


      • MeEasy
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        What are you feeding? there's some discoloration in the leaves to, some things present the same way water was just my 1st guess. Have you looked through the site's plant problem pics and tried to compare yours?

      I've been lightly giving it a rooting supplement first of all. Then yesterday was the first time I gave it a Bio Grow feed made by Biobizz (a Dutch company).

      I have a small oscillating fan and a humidifier in there to keep things nice. The stats on my readers are saying the soil is a 6.5ph, neither wet nor dry (basically normal) and the temp is 25Β°c.

      Thanks for the link. I have checked it before and there's nothing there that's screaming out at me at this moment.

      The species is an Auto Northern Lights by the way.

      *Edit. There are no spots, yellowing or browning of leaves. They look pretty green, just not as formed and perky as I'd like! The first leaves that are on the base look healthy too and not deformed.


        Hi GJ77...welcome aboard. The soil looks really wet and you might need more perlite for aeration. Packed soil makes unhappy roots. Also, because of the wet soil it makes me think that over watering is the issue. How are you watering? How much? How often?
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          Thanks for the welcome πŸ˜‰

          I honestly haven't been watering it that much at all. However, do have a 6 hour humidifier in there...could that be the problem maybe? Also the soil is full of pearlite.

          Should I just transplant into dry soil and let the plant recover for a day or two?


          • MeEasy
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            I don't think you need to transplant it just let it dry out enough that you can stick your finger in the top inch or so and it's dry. Do you have a hygrometer? What's your RH?

          • buds73
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            Humidity is too high the walls of your tent are dripping. Also the reason your not having to water very often.

          It's funny you should mention that. There's one being delivered today! I'll go and check the RH immediately when it arrives πŸ˜‰


            Also, those photos were from yesterday. I have now noticed the lower leaves turning yellow so I've taken the drastic action of re-potting into a dry mix with a humidifier on. The pot was extremely heavy and when I turned her over for transplantation the soils was drenched to hell! Hopefully now she'll be comfortable in her new home and I'll watch the watering from now on!

            The roots looked good at least. White with no browning going on. So that hopefully is a good sign that I cought it before the point of no return! 🀞


            • SoOrbudgal
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              Do not allow it to sit in water runoff it's too young for wicking sucking up old nute water is not good. Elevate the pot keep it from sitting in water

            I don't let it sit. The photo is very deceiving ☺️ I had just watered her yesterday and didn't put her back on her raiser so you can see she is sitting in a pool. Sorry for the confusion.



              Okie dokie carry on then just thought i'd mention it.
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                Turn the humidifier off mate that will help if soil is wet u hardly watering how long it on for



                  So, the lower leaves started dying on me the other day and I took the drastic action of lopping them off.
                  The good news is the main stem, new leaves and the little leaves hiding along the stem have all shown signs of significant growth and look good. I set a marker pole (a stick and cable tie) so I can gauge its growth and the plant has touched the marker point 3 times already with each marker set at approximately an inch above the plant canopy! The soil is firm but moist, the pot isn't sitting in water and I've re-located the fan near a vent hole to allow it to drag in clean air and the tent isn't anywhere near as wet and covered in condensation as before. So I think I'm on the right track again ☺️🍻


                    good job mate condensation u had humifier on to long seems like u sorted it though


                      Ok, so this is what my first plant looks like now after all the problems I had at the start.

                      Question. Do you think it's wise to lop off the top 4 fan leaves now or leave well alone? I understand they are like solar panels for the plant, but the guys underneath are being blocked out.

                      Suggestions welcome ☺️


                      • Canuck147
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                        I would - 2 for sure

                      Hey GJ77 she's lookin up much better πŸ‘ have you checked out the tutorial for new growers on the GWE main site it has a step by step on what I'm about to suggest. I would top it and then trim up the bottom a little this will focus the growth on those middle branches you are talking about being in the shade. Good job saving her she wasn't lookin to good lol check out the link it's full of goodies.... good luck


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