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    So now, onto the ladies.....I officially started on November 5th with the first plant that came from a buddy. He was over by a few plants because of me asking to have a couple ready when I was done with the one room. He stopped and gave me this....
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    It is a critical jack. Not sure how old she is but didn't really care. Thinking it may be 3 to 4 weeks old maybe more? It's funny because he wants me to axe it to make more room for the others that are in there now. Because it is my first REAL grow I said no way. For learning experience I'm going to keep her around just in case something goes wrong. Safety in numbers ya know!


      On the 11th another buddy arrived with 5 green crack ladies that were cuttings about a month old as well. Transplanted them from 2.5 gallon buckets to 10 gallon bags. Almost a month before that those girls were done in a cloner (hydroponically?) and when he called me to say they were ready for dirt I made the mistake and bought some potting soil while i was at lowe's. They didn't have much of a selection being as it was almost winter time here, so I grabbed a bag with the least amount of nutes in there as possible. Looking back I wish I never bought the stuff. That dirt was junk but used it anyways until the 11th when I transplanted them to the 10 gallon bags. The dirt that was used and will be using is a neutral soil with lots of sphagnum moss, peat moss, perlite and some other things. I'll get a pic of that the next time i'm out there. That medium is like fluff when its dry, kinda like blow in insulation almost.


        Fast forward to December the 2nd and here are the cracks and jack....
        Click image for larger version

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        The jack is all the way in the back right. I turned off the other 1000w as it was not really needed and put the light about 30" away from the tops.The plant in the front right we were all worried about it making it, so I did a little experiment with it. I bent that thing at a 90* and you should see that thing now today. These are now almost a month in my possession. Doing a bunch of LST and over watering and I believe it was that damn Lowe's dirt that was really hampering the growth. It could be I was doing too much too soon with these ladies and over watering didn't help either. At the same time was trying to dial in the temps a little bit better and control the over all environment.


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          $$$ to do-nots it was the soil. check out Green75 's journals for what more can come from 90 degree angles....

        here are some pictures taken on the 23rd of December......
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        Since these were take I've defoliated several times and continued to LST them. There were a few time in between the last pics that they really stressed out as well as me.


          Here they are on Christmas day....
          Click image for larger version

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          in case you didn't notice I like short shrubs with LOTS of buds. Remember the plant I bent at a 90*? That is it front and right. All of these have had lots of leaves taken off and branches bent to the point of almost snapping. where that happened the branches got stronger there at the trunk.


            Forgot to mention that I'm using the technafloura (however you spell it) nute line. Also using hygrozyme (however you spell it) with each watering and feeding. Doing the feed, water, water cycle with sometime doing a feed, feed, water cycle. Took some clones of the green crack around this time as well. I also was introduced to using a compost tea by a friend of mine. Put it in but didn't really see anything but was told it was a very mild brew he did for me. So I bought this at the grow store...
            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3068.JPG
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            The very first application the plants seemed to like it but then......THRIPS set in!!!!! WTF!!!!! I mean it's the middle of winter here, where the F#&@ did these little turds come from? I wonder if they or the eggs were in the tea bags and when it was brewed up they were in the water? The weird thing is these tea bags need to brew for 8 hours minimum and no more than 48 hours, or is it 72.


              so here we are on the 30th of December....
              Click image for larger version

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              jack is top left and the 90* is top right. Almost ready for the flip to 12/12 but not till I get rid of those thrips. Went to the hardware store after work and bought a bottle of captain jack's deadbug spray that has spinosad as the main ingredient, along with a no pest strip. I was looking all over for the monterey brand spinosad (that was recommended by this site) but because it is winter time here no store carries a huge amount of anything garden related.


                well, bugs seemed to be gone so it was time to flip to 12/12 on the 2nd of January. And so it was done. Also turned on the second 1000w light so we could stretch out a tad on the girth of the canopy.
                Click image for larger version

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                  here are some close ups through a magnifying glass from the 6th .....
                  Click image for larger version

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                    Was talking with a buddy about "smart pots" on how they air prune and have better drainage and such than the bags we use now. After watching a few youtube videos I made my own for the next round....
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_3084.JPG Views:	1 Size:	3.55 MB ID:	46510
                    It's about a 12 gallon or so bag and made it out of this...
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_3076.JPG Views:	1 Size:	4.13 MB ID:	46511
                    we made about 10 or more 12 gallon bags and almost 20 1 gallon bags
                    Weed barrier....keeps weed in and everything else
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                      Keepin this one!

                    Jan 16th...start of the third week in flower...
                    Click image for larger version

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                    Attached Files


                      Some from the 17th...
                      Click image for larger version

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                        well I'm off to check on the ladies and medicate for a bit. have a good one all.


                          Looking great...very nice job


                          • cyberaktif
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                            Thanks Green, been eyeing your grows and let me tell ya i'm really interested in your style of growing. I love a short and bushy (many colas) plant. I grew a purple indica about 26 years ago that had over 14 colas that were over a foot and a half long and a few shorter ones and the plant was no taller than 2 and a half feet from soil to top. Those buds were so fat and sticky. was trying to do that with these but the sativa in the green crack is dominant i think.

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                            That plant sounds wicked awesome...wish I could of seen it!!

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                            yeah let me tell was really tasty as well. we called it wheelchair weed.

                          so with these being about 2 months + old shouldn't these have been taller? They are roughly 24-27" tall from the soil to canopy. also I thought that there was going to be more stretch being 3 weeks into bloom.


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