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    The gear from your dreams!

    If you could buy anything you want to set up your grow space, lights, ventilation, hydro systems, control systems, nute sets, super soil, everything and anything....what would you get and why?

    Great question. Spyderx lights by fluence because they're just the best, canna nutrients because they have rizhotonic and cannazyme, autopots for watering (any drip sysyem will do), AC and humidifier and a control master to automate


    • golfnrl
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      @9fingerleafs...I grow in autopots and am shopping for a new 4x4 setup. Fluence lights are on the short list. I'm just now learning about them but what stands out in your opinion?

    • 9fingerleafs
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      they created such an elegant and efficient product that even gavita copied it. we used to have an engineer to explain this stuff but he had some issues with admin and moved to cocoforcannabis, Drphoton is his handle and you can find a lot of technical articles from him online. he made a list of the lights available and their specs

    I’d hire Farmbuck to come down here and grow me some of his Asian beauties and make me some hash!😳


    • Farmbuck
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      Xena LMAO..!! Me I would organize the greatest PotFest in North America and one of my guess would be Frenchy Cannoli to give us a lecture on the art of Hashish.

      Funny you mentioned my Thai girls... I'm thinking of making a batch of hash with them. Maybe up to 28 grams of "Asian" hash with my top colas SE Asians beauties like you said lolll but only after a good cure of 6wks at least if more.
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    First, I would Bezos to finance....
    “Rather laugh with sinners than cry with saints” Billy Joel Only the good die young
    ”I think I can, I think I can…”the little engine that could


      Raise my 100+ year old house remove and replace the basement with one that has a 8 foot ceiling and flat floor. That is the one thing I know I can not afford. Anything else I can acquire, and being able to grow a couple lbs a year with what I have so far I'm good. Till I get low on nutrients then I may try something new, or if a light starts to take a crap I'll upgrade it but that's all budget able.


        Alien ware. Not like the computers. Like, anything grow oriented that was made by outer space aliens. Like, Marvin the Martian space aliens.

        Shipping and handling costs may be prohibitive. Returns, impossible. I'm going to setup an intermediate shipping point between Earth and the outer space aliens. Like that place in Kentucky where you can ship something overseas on the cheap. I'll call it, 'Gingerbeard's Milky Way Delivery.' Bezos and his bottle rockets will need to be dismantled so I can get an interstellar monopoly. Might require ninjas with PhD's in rocket science. I can't touch B himself, as he only ever appears in hologram form. Since OSA weed grows different than Earth weed, grow equipment will need to be crazy technology. If you get your seeds from the Martian Seed Company I'm going to start, you'll need the merchandise I'm going to outer-import. Y'all'll get discounts on y'all's first orders.

        I'm going to bed. I'm way too high to be in front of a keyboard and an audience. Shouldn't talk business.
        More elephant!



        • JDU
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          LMAO again Gingerbeard
          Thanks. I really needed that right now!!!

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