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    carbon scrubber

    Is it possible to rebuild a carbon scrubber that's 2 years old? By that I mean can I remove the carbon and replace it with new carbon. Seems the one I have is not doing the job removing the smell from the "Critical "girl I've got going right now. I happen to love the smell, but others might not appreciate the aroma. Thanks.

    I have seen youtube videos where people repack the filters. It makes sense to me, replace the material for fresher results..... however, I don't see how / where to take the lid off on the model of carbon filters that I use. That might be your challenge. Do look around online for a few videos, I know it can be done. Just have to make sure the seal is airtight when you close it back up.


      I've heard of it being done too. My filter is held together with rivets so you just drill em out pull it apart replace the charcoal and rivet it back together. I don't know the cost of the charcoal and if you would save anything by doing it. I've never checked into it. I do take my filter out and rough it up a bit to move the charcoal around a bit and it seems to make it better for awhile. After doing it a couple times I have to replace it and I think it's time because when the pizza guy tells you your house smells better than the dispensary over the smell of the pizza I think it's not working
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