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Hydro DWC Root Problem?

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    Hydro DWC Root Problem?

    I’ve done 3 DWC grows so far and every time this seems to happen so I feel the need to ask if I’m doing something wrong!

    I follow the feed chart to a tee on and I put Hydroguard in every reservoir. About a day or 2 after every bucket change my roots seem to turn this brown like maroon color. I’ve cleaned my air stones for 48 hrs in hydrogen peroxide that cleaned them really well so I thought it would be better but it still came back. I’ve flushed the roots with regular water back to a white color and the moment I put my GH nutes in there 2 days later boom it’s back.
    My only assumption it’s one of the nutrients in the FloraGro series as one of them is very dark and reddish

    maybe someone can tell me if I’m doing something wrong or this is normal?

    if you look in that picture you can see some new roots starting to shoot out and my plant seems fine and perky so it doesn’t seem to be hurting it?

    thank you
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      Are you using 2 ml of hydroguard in every gallon of fluid added to reservoir. Is light able to penetrate the tote especially through the lid? Another thing to look at is temperature of the solution in your reservoir. I tried using a larger pump to supply air to all my totes over having one small air pump for each it caused my temperature to rise enough to cause me root rot once.


        Yep with a 4gal res I’m putting 8ml of Hydroguard in there
        as far as I can tell no light is penetrating
        temp of the water is 70-75 depending when light is on
        and I have 2 large air stones in the res I figured the more air the less chance of root rot


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          i think water temp is too high, get your water down to mid 60's, make sure no light leaks (no clear hoses as well), keep up with hydroguard (i use 8 ml for 4 gallon), make sure you have a good air pump, also all airlines should be same length to evenly distribute the air. Id recommend foil over top of the net pot as well.

        Howdy Therookie, First of all, some of the nutrients contain dyes and thry can 'concentrate at the roots discoloring them. The water temperature should be kept between 62° F and 79° F and well oxygenated to keep the brown algae or root rot down. If You add any H2O2 into the reservoirs, it will kill off the Hydro guard as it is an organism that feeds on the algae. Also, blocking any and all light intrusions into the reservoir is essential in order to control the algae.
        Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


          I use orca microbes in my reservoir. No hydroguard keep my res temp below 68f
          DWC hydroponic system 18”x36”x72” cabinet
          400w single ended hps (veg)
          7’l 3’w 7’h 600w single ended hps (bloom).
          Using advanced nutrients ph perfect sensi grow A+B and sensi bloom A+B and orca microbes.
          1st grow OG 13 - 2nd grow Durban poison, Cinderella- 3rd currently bloom white fire og- 4th grow currently veg Bruce banner, gorilla glue- seeds on deck super lemon haze.


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